libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2021-05-20

gnu_srs leaving freenode, goodbye00:01
onefangOK, I was mis-informed. is currently for sale.  So I still don't knew the real address for this OFTC that no one ever says the actual domain name of.04:15
golinuxThere is a lot of useless chatter these last few days04:16
onefangWikipedia says the same domain name.  lo04:17
onefangOops, my bad, typo.04:18
onefangThe useless chatter is mostly about the Freenode cluster fuck and what everyone should do about it.  Since we don't have a #devuan-abandonship, we get it everywhere.06:43
DocScrutinizer05I have no idea where else to bring it up, so: move  freenode->libera is actually like staying in same building with same landlord just the street to your home got a new pavement and renamed. Moving to any other network like OFTC is actually new building, new landlord, new contracts and new address17:15
yetiyip...libera is "new-freenode"17:27
nick-nosystemdThere are 6 people on top of my right view window who decide if and when this channel moves until then I stay here17:54
fsmithredNew Freenode sounds like a place name from a post-apocolypse sci-fi story.19:33
DocScrutinizer05fsmithred: when&where is that meeting supposed to happen today and deciding what to do?21:07
golinuxDocScrutinizer05: Not fsr but here it is
golinuxIn about an hour meet on jitsi.21:15
golinuxAbout time you decided to come to a mett!21:16
DocScrutinizer05sorry, I can't jitsi21:38
fsmithredno mic?21:43
DocScrutinizer05no mic and my ears don't decode the spoken words21:44

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