libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2021-05-07

golinuxyeti: . . . then you will live in a fantasy.00:16
yetino way.00:20
golinuxIt is your script to write. Have at it . . .00:22
golinuxNote to those at the meet: The mystery of the install-guides directory was unlocked from the deep caverns of my gray matter.03:38
golinuxI did create that directory years ago for a specific purpose which I have put on the pad for posterity.03:39
tuxd3vin Chimaera, executing '/debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage'23:48
tuxd3vit still gives us a error:23:48
tuxd3vAllocating guest commpage: Cannot allocate memory23:48
tuxd3vin i686 x86..23:49
tuxd3vI am trying crossdebootstrap beowulf..23:49
tuxd3vIn amd64 this error doesn't hapen..23:50

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