libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2021-03-07

gast0nHi, is live-build maintained by Devuan or is the Debian package used?14:34
fsmithredgast0n, a few people are using the debian version. Nobody is forking it for devuan now.14:58
fsmithredCrows might still be made with live-build14:59
fsmithredI think Star is now using live-sdk14:59
gast0nok, in Devuan it stayed in version 4.0.3-1+devuan2, from what I'm seeing14:59
gast0nyes, we are trying to adapt what Ozi did for Star, using his example with live-sdk15:01
gast0nCrows, is this a distro?15:01
gast0nthe Debian version tells me Javier from EterTics has a lot of dependency on systemd15:02
fsmithredcrows used to be called zephyr15:03
fsmithredwhat do you mean about EterTics?15:04
fsmithredisn't that devuan-based?15:04
gast0nYes, it is a Devuan based distro. Javier is starting to work on the next version based on Chimaera, but Devuan's live-build package is giving him compilation errors when I update it to the latest version.15:06
fsmithredwhat kind of errors?15:12
gast0nit told me that the compilation did not finish, verification errors. I would have to ask you for more details, when I see it online15:17
fsmithredverification errors like it could not connect to the repository?15:50
fsmithredI get that with live-sdk sometimes15:50
fsmithredand also with regular upgrades sometimes15:50
fsmithredWhat's the significance of RemoveIPC=yes vs. RemoveIPC=no in the output of 'loginctl show-session' and did the default setting change between beowulf and chimaera?17:58
LeePenfsmithred: it is in the changelog: default changed from yes to no in 243.7-117:59
LeePenas a result of Debian #94969818:00
fsmithredthanks. ff search couldn't find it18:00

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