libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2021-02-28

rainmanp7is there a base script thing for devaun to go over already built and swap things out and have it auto build?06:04
rainmanp7thank you.06:04
rainmanp7OR a website that decribes such a thing or how to work that out?06:05
rainmanp7Waht is the stable version to get right now I see a few in the mirrors. But nothing clear about which one is newest I see the dates and the text about things of asscii being newer but the file date puts the other ones newer ? just asking to fiigure out which one to download thanx06:09
onefangBeowulf is the latest stable version.06:40
rainmanp7_I downloaded a distro and see the beowolf thing now ,thank you06:44
rainmanp7_are there any tools avalible to make distro compilations using the current approuch ? i see the git but it's small but no scripts ,or do I need to fish throught the git site and find things avalible and rwad through documentation?06:45
rainmanp7_I'm really looking to swap somethings out and re rig aka modify and rework source code and replace current things installed. I don't see anything I cna wrap my mind around about the packaging which I will leave by it's self becasue everything looks nice06:47
rainmanp7_I like the Devuan website and the ariticles to read about, I'm trying to find that developers kit. I do see the git :)06:49
rainmanp7what is the username and password to clone the git repository ?08:43
rainmanp7git clone
rainmanp7that starts cloning and stops for credentials asking for a username and password to be able to clone it :( Thank you for your help ahead of time.08:46
rainmanp7I will pull the github gist for now becasue I see recent avtivity. But if you have a username and password for something upto date? please let me know . thank you in advance.08:57
fsmithredrainmanp7, git is asking for your login and password. Try downloading the zip file instead.11:05
rainmanp7*fsmithred is there a location for the zip file? I don't see any links after reading throught the web pages please?11:07
fsmithredyour link is wrong11:09
fsmithredif you want live-sdk, clone
rainmanp7do I need to clone both the live and the main stuff ?11:10
fsmithredsee the instructions on that page11:10
fsmithredyou need to clone live-sdk and then the sub-(something)11:10
fsmithredsorry, not really awake yet11:10
rainmanp7ok goodmorning to you :)11:11
rainmanp7ok let me try and clone that address.11:12
fsmithredgit submodule...11:12
rainmanp7The system looks extremly powerfull and I would love to start working with it to see my ditro idea come true. I installed an example distro from the website and it's very nice11:14
fsmithredwhat example?11:14
rainmanp7The star distro11:15
fsmithredah, ok11:15

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