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enycXenguy: yes,  also broken, in fact =).09:17
enychrrm, what aways are there to install chimaera (experimental) ?09:29
enyc'testing install-images ??09:30
enycI'd definitely like to try chimaera on netook on certain partition, here ...09:34
enyctest libsane versions helping debian-dev with, and so-on09:35
fsmithredenyc, there are no official testing images, but I have a couple of no-X Refraca isos built on chimaera here:
enycfsmithred: I want to be able to install and update and then install meta-packages that would be normal for devuan desktop...11:44
fsmithredenyc, that'll work, but the only installer in the iso is refractainstaller. No lvm or raid.11:47
fsmithredpure devuan sources11:47
enycfsmithred: i only want custom partitioning, replace contents of 1 existing simple mbr partition11:48
fsmithredother way is debootstrap install or else install beowulf an upgrade11:48
fsmithredinstall to single partition is easy11:49
fsmithredand you can skip the bootloader if you want11:49
enycfsmithred: thankyou, id like to see refracta anyhow so will try that ...11:50
fsmithredthe no-X isos are standard system plus extra stuff for rescue, repair, diagnostics, and a few tweaks11:50
enycfsmithred: ok -- that leaves the key question -- which metapackages apply to devuan standard xfce desktop, drivers, etc etc  that would go with a default desktop install?11:55
fsmithredtask-desktop task-xfce-desktop (or other)11:56
fsmithredyou may want to add contrib and non-free to sources.list11:56
enyctask-english  on older devuan hrrm11:56
fsmithredif you want a different default language, you should boot into that language11:57
fsmithredit'll work better that way11:57
fsmithredthere should be wireless packages in the home dir for offline install11:58
enycfsmithred: hrrm and due to nature of the machine i'm using it has UEFI-booted even if i will want to legacy-boot, but again if I use a different bootloader I suspect that just won't matter12:48
fsmithredyeah, you can avoid installing the bootloader and use whatever one is already there13:00
enycyes, useful text installer....13:01
enycupdating another of the 3 systems now, then will use the primary to rebuild grub config ;p13:02
fsmithredyou got it installed ok?13:02
enycapparently =)13:02
fsmithredenyc, you'll need to apt update in the new system. Cache is empty to save space.13:06
enycfsmithred: hrrm I thought I told installer to use UUID...13:12
enycfsmithred: yet the created grub config by other ubuntu-deriv, now tells this to boot with root=/dev/sda213:13
fsmithredblame it on the ubuntu-deriv13:16
fsmithredthe fstab in the refracta install should have uuid13:16
enychrrm, within devuan, what do i do to  dpkg-reconfigure  which devices grub to be installed on?13:17
fsmithredalso, I thought of something. I haven't tried installing the task- packages in chimaera yet. Not sure if you'll run into trouble. I know that desktop-base is not ready yet.13:17
enyci'd like it to put its' own grub on /dev/sda2  (knowning that has blocklist limitations, but like to do it anyhow)13:17
fsmithredoh, you could have done that from within the installer13:18
fsmithredbut 'dpkg-reconfigure grub' might do it13:18
fsmithredI usually just grub-install and update-grub13:18
fsmithredback in a few minutes...13:19
enycinstalled system updating giwves message about "live-boot:" [......] list of items13:24
enycfsmithred: aah, now devuan chimaera has created its' own grub-pc grub.cfg etc etc (even if not set to install grub anywhere), the other system has then been able to make much more sensible boot entries for devuan13:30
fsmithredif you remove refractasnapshot-base and refractainstaller-base you can then remove the live-* packages, syslinux, and a few other things if you want13:32
fsmithredxorriso and mksquashfs13:32
enycfsmithred: yes doing now, what else is refracta-specific ?13:33
fsmithredextra groups, all sysrq keys enabled,13:34
fsmithredI think I did those. These isos were made with live-sdk so your first boot of the iso is the first time.13:35
enycfsmithred: seemingly, exim4 and ssh server too...13:35
fsmithredunlike how I build the desktop isos, which is in a VM and then make a snapshot13:36
fsmithredyeah, ssh server13:36
fsmithredI think exim4 was automatic13:37
enycchunter-chunter tasksel installing devuan desktop xfce and console productivity and laptop ....13:43
fsmithredno conflicts?13:44
enycnone *reported* yet, still in process "Installing packages" hidden via  the whole interface13:45
enycseenig voenload warnings abou audit, apparmor, porfile_load,  user usbmub unknown, rogroups, ......13:45
fsmithrednot sure if wicd is still listed in there. It's not in chimaera.13:49
enycfsmithred: attemping to boot desktop and get wifi up13:49
fsmithredthat was fast13:51
enycfsmithred: been busy ;p14:34
enycfsmithred: uerm no wifi connection facility out of teh box14:34
fsmithredwpasupplicant and wireless tools?14:34
fsmithredpossibly setnet.sh14:35
enycfsmithred: fwiw i think laptop tasksel ought to install right stuff...14:35
fsmithredceni should be there14:36
enycfsmithred: aaaah didn't know about that14:37
enycfsmithred: still i'd half expect some sort of gui-style tool too but anyhow14:37
fsmithredno gui14:38
fsmithredin the iso14:38
enycindeed but rather  tasksel for laptop and desktop together...14:38
fsmithredin the desktop isos, I normally include wicd14:38
fsmithredright. Those packages need to be updated for chimaera. We haven't actually decided what network gui will be included14:39
fsmithredprobably n-m but possible connman14:39
enycfsmithred: wifi via Ceni and usb automounting working ...... so can start experincing bullseye/chimaera14:45
enycfsmithred: r.e. conflicts: I wish to  "apt-get build-dep libsane-common"  and get  libelogind0 : Conflicts: libsystemd014:47
fsmithredjust install libelogind0 and it should remove libsystemd014:48
fsmithredI'm surprised you don't already have it14:48
enycfsmithred: libelogind0 already installed14:48
enycfsmithred: try yourself   "apt-get build-dep libsane-common"14:48
fsmithredI'm not in chimaera right now14:49
enycadep: libsystemd-dev [linux-any]14:49
fsmithredI don't know the way around that14:49
fsmithredbut it might be written somewhere14:49
enychrrm ok so .... packages which can work on devuan but not be build on devian .... puzzle =)14:50
fsmithredsee first quote block in first post in the second link14:51
enycin this case im prebably best with chroot on nother system, fine ok =)14:52
enycfsmithred: any idea of 'clean' way to turn-off autologin at console on all contsoles ?15:11
enycfsmithred: that seems to be in /etc/inittab hardwired now15:11
enyc1:2345:respawn:/bin/login -f enyc    etc etc15:11
fsmithredyes. replace /etc/inittab with stock debian version15:11
fsmithredneed to see what it looks like?15:12
enycfsmithred: i can get that off another chroot but wondering if there is a package system way of 'get default config for this file'15:12
fsmithredit's been the same for more than 10 years15:12
enycfsmithred: aha -- reinstalling sysvinit-core with inittab moved out the way did the trick15:14
fsmithredah, good. apt-file couldn't tell me that the files comes from that package15:14
fsmithrednormally that gets done by the installer15:15
fsmithredI don't recall if it's a question or a config file option in the cli installer15:15
fsmithredin the gui installer, it's a checkbox15:15
* enyc meows16:13
yeti_@o  ____( Moo! )16:15
Xenguyenyc: Following up on your mirror feedback:  I tested the current mirrors listed on that page, and have commented out any that seem problematic, for now.  Thanks again, and feel free to /join #devuan-www also.  We appreciate your help : -)18:35
Xenguy^^ Not published Live yet, only to the Dev server.  Will likely go Live later today.18:35

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