libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2021-02-17

bgstack15Devuan meet is tomorrow, February 18, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
fsmithredWho here uses tmux? Have you noticed a problem in beowulf when running tmux in console?
onefangI use tmux all the time, I'm using it now.  Never tried it on the console though, always in an X term.19:07
onefangWorks fine on the console.19:08
onefangAnd I just updated my Beowulf a few hours ago.19:09
fsmithredI tried it in a desktop-live iso booted in qemu and it only worked in terminal19:20
onefangSo either something wrong with desktop-live, or something different in my tmux config.19:22
onefangI tried "tmux -f /dev/null" which bypassed my usual config file.  Still worked.19:23
onefangOr maybe the backported 5.10 kernel I'm using?19:24
fsmithredmaybe, but poster said it happened in chimaera, too19:25
fsmithredI haven't tried that yet19:25
onefangI'm busy with other stuff, so only these simple tests is what I can do for now.19:26
fsmithredthanks for what you did test19:29
fsmithredbgstack15, take a look at the discussion in #devuan about /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter19:44
fsmithredsame time as this message19:44
bgstack15fsmithred: I checked the logs. It looks like the user wants the "session   optional" line removed from /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter.21:33
fsmithredremoved or preceded with "-" so it doesn't complain21:33
fsmithredany reason why we should not do that? (on the next build, not tomorrow)21:34
fsmithrednext version, I mean21:34
bgstack15That sounds like a great idea. I've never used that before.21:34
bgstack15Would it be prudent to ask him to submit a bug, or is that something we should do?21:35
fsmithredneither have I. I sure am glad that others read the man pages21:35
bgstack15I think the most important thing is that it's great that somebody WROTE the man pages!21:35
fsmithredlol, yeah21:35
fsmithredeven the incomprehensible ones21:35
bgstack15man sudoers21:35
bgstack15EBNF %(@*G NO CARRIER21:36
fsmithredI just keep recopying my sudoers21:36
fsmithredwhich I cobbled together from example21:36
bgstack15Don't get me wrong: I love sudo and I have full command of sudoers.21:36
bgstack15I just only touch it about twice a year so I have to re-read it all.21:36
bgstack15All of my shell scripts ever use DEBUG, VERBOSE, DRYRUN, environment variables, so I allow those through with sudo.21:37
rrqfsmithred: Well, Extended Backus-Naur Form is merely Backus-Naur Form but extended ;)21:37
bgstack15It'd be hilarious to set DRYRUN=1 in my /etc/profile and see what breaks.21:37
bgstack1508_reset-SIGPIPE-before-exec.patch                         | session   optional pam_systemd.so21:38
bgstack15wrong one...21:38
bgstack15Defaults env_keep += "DEBUG DEBUG_LEVEL DRYRUN VERBOSE"21:38
fsmithredare you getting that error?21:38
fsmithredI looked in chimaera where I'm using lightdm and I did not see it.21:39
bgstack15No, that was my clipboard from earlier where I had vim split window.21:39
fsmithredand I didn't remove the systemd line21:39
fsmithredback in 10. need coffee21:39
bgstack15I have no idea. I've had no need to review any pam logs in a while on Devuan systems.21:39
fsmithredlook in syslog for systemd21:57

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