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JackFrostdebhelper: dh_installsysusers: Add systemd-sysusers as alternative provider in the ${misc:Depends} dependency as that is the name used by opensysusers.  \o/03:48
Jjp137rrq, I tried out the CD installer ISOs, and with the amd64 server ISO + all three additional CDs added on an offline install, the default tasksel (desktop + print server + standard) selection fails to install08:17
Jjp137what's really strange is that I looked in the logs and it wants to install cinnamon-session as well as xfce4-session even though I didn't pick the former at all08:17
Jjp137it takes some time for it to fail too since it asks for CD 2 at some point, fetches packages from it, and then asks for the server CD only to greet the user with the red error screen08:20
Jjp137and when retrying within the same install session it fetches from CD 4 and fails after going back to the server CD, and then every attempt afterwards seems to always fail08:23
Jjp137here's a condensed syslog with the most important parts (full syslog is 15k lines):
rrqJjp137: great test case... I'll see if I can work it out.09:33
Jjp137alright; and I need sleep so zzz but I'll idle here09:44
rrqJjp137: I've repeated a (the?) problem as per your spec ...12:33
rrqJjp137: it seems apt drops the ball when juggling "CDs" ... a plain server install ion reboot followed by manual install of task-xfce-desktop also runs into grief failing to request cd3,...13:41
rrqbut followed by apt-get -f install it requests cd3 and completes that installation13:42
rrqapt asked for cd2, then cd4, but failed instead of asking for cd3 .. not sure if that's due to some dependency issue13:43

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