libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2021-02-03

fsmithredemdete, yes it copies the home from the live iso to the hard drive00:21
fsmithredrrq, I did a uefi netinstall and it worked. Did you do something to tweak grub?00:48
rrqyes; "magic touch" adds a finish-install script that copies devaun/grub.cfg to debian/grub.cfg00:49
fsmithredok, maybe I'll do the same in the live. I saw that.00:49
fsmithredoh, that's not a live-sdk thing, that would be a refractainstaller thing.00:50
fsmithredright now I'm purging the grub-signed package, and it installs in a devuan dir and it boots.00:51
fsmithredI haven't tried the latest netinstall with secure boot.00:52
* rrq holds his breath00:59
fsmithredI was wondering if the boot kernel for the iso needs to be the signed kernel.01:03
rrqnot sure; the boot signing concerns the blah.efi program, but a sign one of those might implement a signing constraint for its loading of kernel01:05
fsmithredyeah, it failed.01:06
fsmithredA file on the boot device did not *something* blah blah secure boot.01:06
fsmithredmaybe if someone in the community ever needs that, they can tell us.01:08
rrqyes .. i thnk one of those efi programs actually cretaes a key "database" asa an nvars file, but I wish not to learn about it all01:11
rrqI rather sit in the sunshine with my mojito01:11
fsmithredsounds like a plan01:12
fsmithredI'll do it when the Proud Boys force me to do it.01:12
fsmithredThat's a right-wing militia. (For those who don't follow US news.)01:13
rrqmulti-cultural jokes tend to fall flat, yes01:14
rrqisuppse, to be clear, "my mojito" is not a body part reference, but is a spirit lifting drink with good stuff in01:16
fsmithredthey go down way to easy01:16
rrqindeed :)04:12
rrqschuld alsho ave sum mnint dand sooodsa wter...  dnd lime04:16
bgstack15Devuan meet tomorrow, Feburary 4, at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
fsmithredin retrospect, I should have picked something less boring.21:22
JackFrostLeePen: I suppose you didn't end up getting whatever pam settings you were looking into set in place?21:40
LeePenJackFrost: for lightdm-greeter?22:56
JackFrostCould be, I only remember it's a package I don't touch.  Did you attempt going upstream to Sean instead?  Or is a debian/* change?22:58
LeePenNo. Out of time ATM and no response from Corsac22:58
LeePenPAM config is really Debian specific.22:59
JackFrostGotcha, OK.22:59
LeePenI can try to do a MR.22:59
JackFrostThat was going to be my next recommendation, try to see if you get different input there.22:59
JackFrostBut if you're out of time, then...23:00
LeePenOK. Thanks.23:01

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