libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2021-01-30

fsmithredHas anyone gotten any of our isos to boot with secure boot enabled? It's not working here.16:08
Xenguyfsmithred: Is "secure boot" that 'UEFI' thing, or whatever?18:16
fsmithredXenguy, yes uefi that requires signed bootloader.18:40
fsmithredsigned = approved by the Redmond Lords18:41
Xenguyfsmithred: Is it better for people running Linux to just turn UEFI off, or are there use cases where leaving it activated would be preferable?19:07
XenguyI always use 'legacy' BIOS myself19:08
fsmithredXenguy, some motherboards might not do legacy bios, some keep uefi with or without secure boot for dual boot with windows19:39
fsmithredsome *people* keep...19:42
Xenguyfsmithred: Thanks, makes sense20:15
masonXenguy: You can enroll your own keys, thus not depending on Redmond or anyone else - you can sign your own stuff, which is arguably way more secure than using a default key and signature from anyone else.20:44
masonXenguy: look at "mokutil"20:46
Xenguymason: Will do20:49
masonXenguy: I want to play with it some, but most of my hardware is old enough to not support SecureBoot.20:50
masonI expect at some point in the future I'll have an opportunity.20:50
XenguyI have no hardware that does not offer an option to avoid it so far, so that's what I've done up to now20:55
* fsmithred is getting very pissed off21:53
fsmithredsomething is fucked up21:53
fsmithredok, I guess I'm making progress. I installed on uefi with the desktop-live.22:02
fsmithredIf I boot the live-usb, chroot into the installed system, purge grub-efi-amd64-signed, run update-initramfs -u, grub-install, and update-grub, I can now get to the boot menu. Before I was only getting a grub prompt.22:04
fsmithredNow it seems to be hanging at Loading initial ramdisk ...22:04
fsmithredif I remove grub-efi-amd64-signed in the live session and then install the system, I get the boot menu right away. That's because $prefix is right. It points to the root partition instead of the efi partition like it did with the signed grub.22:24
fsmithredBut it still hangs at Loading initial ramdisk22:25
rrqfsmithred: could you scope "out isos" more specifically?23:38
rrqwell, my special interest is in beowulf 3.1.0 installer isos of course23:40

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