libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2021-01-19

gnu_srs1Hi, I have an old laptop running Debian/Jessie and plan to switch to Devuan. Recommended path?15:03
gnu_srs1Debian/Jessie->Devuan/Jessie,ASCII,Beowulf,Chimarea or Debian/Jessie,Stretch->Devuan/ASCII,... or Debian/Jessie,Streatch,Buster->Devuan/Beowulf,...15:03
gnu_srs1Any specific upgrade path you want verified?15:04
yetidevuan version numbers should be in sync with debian's15:06
yetithat would make it much easier15:06
yetiafter all devuan is 99.9% debian!15:06
yetiwhy then different versions?15:07
Joril@yeti: Devuan 11 Chimaera? Not a bad idea, I think15:13
yetimakes sense for me but after mentioning this again and again and then getting asked what I'd have smoked, I dont believe this gets adopted15:15
JorilWell I guess there's a reason if the devs prefer to stick with the current versioning scheme :D15:21

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