libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2021-01-17

dkaramaSuppose I want to add a package or update an existing package how do I go about that?11:51
dkaramaI see no porting guide for devuan either.11:53
emdetefsmithred: i see similar behaviour with the .88- version too, it happens when i open an additional window for an app, the effect is that the window / drawing area isnt updated. the browser seems to work, just the display stays blank. it seems to be related to one of the libs around, do you agree?13:57
fsmithredemdete, what do you mean 'open an additional window for an app'?14:14
fsmithredopen a second chromium window?14:14
emdetefsmithred: yes, but as app - its offered once the webpage tells it's an app (element / matrix does that for example). it has an additional icon in the url-bar, if you click that you can move that tab to an own windows without decorations. no clue how to name that17:28
fsmithredI can open a new window from within chromium, but I don't know what app you're talking about17:28
fsmithredis there some website I can go to and test it?17:28
fsmithredemdete, ^^^17:31
bb|hcbdkarma: depends if it is Devuan specific or something generic. For a generic package - add it in Debian and it will be automatically imported in Devuan. For a package specific to Devuan, maybe the best path is to give more details here19:41

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