libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2021-01-15

bgstack15Yeah, I had to pin dpkg-dev and libdpkg-perl on an older version...02:48
bb|hcbActually the fix is quite trivial - in /usr/share/perl5/Dpkg/  change line 89 to my @SIGNAMES = qw(INT HUP QUIT);03:07
bb|hcbWith pinning you have to think when to unpin... Don't know which is better03:09
bb|hcbJust updated gpsd to 3.22-2-devuan1; I am wondering which is better - to keep the fork or to start relying on the newly made debian package with init scripts. It is not a problem for me to continue maintaining that, also there are changes to udev rules that would not come without the fork, so maybe the fork is better03:19
bb|hcbI can't understand why the systemd fans try to force their opinion on everybody else... :(03:21
onefangCoz opinions are like arseholes, and every arsehole has lots of them to give away.  Think I got that quote wrong.03:53
bb|hcb...and everyone has one and they all stink... not so sure about the give away part ;)04:26
bb|hcbto get on-topic, in case there are more packages to fork, I can take couple of them04:28

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