libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2021-01-09

JackFrostPretty sure eventally dbus-broker will have to be added to the blacklist.03:12
bgstack15oh boy, lay it on us. what is that supposed to do?03:14
JackFrostNah it's not terrible, just an alternate dbus daemon basically.  Lower level, but as packaged in Debian it needs systemd.03:22
JackFrost(I think technically it works without, but rather degraded.  So in Debian it was packaged with the support on.)03:23
parazydbgstack15: You can talk to me here, sure08:27
fazzahHi, I would like to contribute to Devuan development. I never contributed to a distro, what is the ideal place to start? I consider myself an average-level programmer.11:44
bgstack15fazzah: I think that having good teamwork skills is the most important thing. About where the distro needs help, we focus primarily on making sure users have options for things like not depending on systemd. If you're feeling incredibly ambitious, you could review the list of banned packges14:48
bgstack15( and see if you want to go fork a Debian package and de-systemdify it.14:48
bgstack15But, for a less pie-in-the-sky answer, you are invited to attend our next Devuan meet, which will be next Thursday at 20:30 UTC!14:49
bgstack15parazyd: Are you still maintaining package "devuan-sanity"? I have a /usr/sbin/systemctl shell script that attempts to translate the systemctl commands into service/update-rc.d commands that I think could be included.14:50
plasma41Riddle me this: How come debspawn isn't automatically added to the list of banned packages when it depends on systemd-container which is on the banned list?23:23
fsmithredwhere does the banned package list come from?23:27
plasma41That's what I'm trying to find out23:34
rrqamprolla generates that23:46

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