libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2021-01-02

fsmithredbgstack15, over here.01:59
fsmithredusermod -aG "audio" lightdm02:00
bgstack15That line is in suites/unstable.02:14
bgstack15But not b-p-u02:15
fsmithredI see it now, below the others.02:16
fsmithredShouldn't it be -aG audio?02:16
fsmithredto append that group02:17
bgstack15My syntax is not ideal, but it would accomplish the goal.02:17
bgstack15G is the flag that takes the parameter. Lower a makes it append the group to the user's group instead of changing its primary group.02:17
bgstack15Also my || true could draw ire.02:18
fsmithredok, that line is not in the current build. You'll see if you check the tag for 1.26.0-7+devuan102:38
fsmithredI removed and reinstalled lightdm, and lightdm did not get added to audio group.02:39
bgstack15Haha, the user lightdm usermod is in tag 1.26.0-7+devuan2.02:54
bgstack15That must have never been pushed to build.02:57
fsmithredbut that's not the only change that makes it work, because I did that manually in beowulf02:58
fsmithredI should try the current chimaera version in beowulf02:59
bgstack15I am issuing a build issue to releasebot.03:03
bgstack15I bet LeePen is not around due to time of day, but if/when you see this, would you please check out jenkins job 403 and if it passes muster, please promote the new version of lightdm into unstable.03:15
fsmithreddid the build fail?03:15
bgstack15It succeeded.03:19
fsmithredit should go into ceres repo automatically03:20
bgstack15Oh, wow. Is that new?03:22
fsmithredI always forget how long it takes03:23
fsmithred30 minutes, couple hours, something like that03:23
fsmithred  Installed: 1.26.0-7+devuan103:27
fsmithred  Candidate: 1.26.0-7+devuan203:27
fsmithredI tried the chimaera and ceres versions of lightdm in beowulf and neither fixed the problem03:50

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