libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2020-12-29

onefangAre Devuan meetings recorded anywhere?  Not just the notes, the actual audio / video of the meetings?02:06
masononefang: I don't believe so - the notes are saved.02:07
masononefang: I'd be less in favour of having a persistent camera record saved.02:07
onefangIt's not as transparent as you said then.02:07
masononefang: Where did I say it was maximally transparent as it stands?02:08
masononefang: If we want to make recordings available, fine, but I'll have my camera turned off for them.02:09
masonThis is what I do with work meetings. Recorded? No camera. Not recorded? I'll have video on.02:09
onefangWell maybe just the audio.  The video is just heads.02:14
masononefang: The video is a look into folks' homes and there's no reason for that to be recorded and published.02:15
golinuxNo audio or video recoring, please02:18
masonI'm happy with the notes being published, but evidently that's insufficient...?02:19
golinuxI know that Xenguy would probably stop coming as would I02:19
golinuxMight be just the excuse I need to finally "retire".02:20
masononefang: Or was that just a Devil's Advocate sort of query?02:20
golinuxI don't know why anyone on this channel would even suggest it.02:20
golinuxPractically, storage space would be an issue too.02:21
fsmithreddyne youtube channel02:22
* fsmithred ducks02:22
golinuxonefang: I realize that's not the best time for you but rrq manages to make it every week.02:22
golinuxThe visual is a connection to dear friends.02:24
masonI don't suspect this will be something that anyone seriously wants. Full transparency means noting what was discussed and what was decided, and text is fine for that.02:25
masonAnd we do that already.02:25
onefangLots of important things get discussed that don't make it into the notes is my point.  That's not "full transparency".02:47
masononefang: We should identify what those are and get them in, then.02:47
onefangIf the visual is just for social reasons, why have that at all for a management meeting?  This is why I no longer attend meetings. Do them in IRC, then we get full transparency coz it is all logged.  Have a separate social meeting if that's what you want.  You may not have noticed but my contributions to the meetings where generally "write down everything I want to say in the notes, read out what I wrote when it's my turn".02:51
masonI like the bonding we get from it. I feel closer to the people involved.02:52
golinuxmason: Exactly.  I've noticed that some of us bond and some of us don't.  In this kind of a project bonding is important. IMO. It's the uniqueness that has gotten us this far.  If it ever just turns into data, Devuan will be finished.03:46
golinuxIt will just be another face in the crowd without a heart . . .03:48
onefangSome of us don't need talking heads to bond.  B-)03:53
* golinux groans . . .03:55
golinuxThe thing is, it's more than talking heads.  Sorry you don't get that . . .03:57
yetiI never join meetings that would pass my voice or images/videos thru the nets...  luckily I'm a devuan-nobody that doesnt have to...10:42

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