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golinuxaitor left a note on #devuan about some changes with apt due to dependency on
golinuxso please check it out.00:14
yeti\o/   h├Ąppy midwinter   \o/07:32
onefangHappy beginning of summer!  B-)07:33
onefangThermometer next to me says 34 C.  This ain't midwinter here.07:35
golinuxSame to you yeti!07:35
golinuxLet there be light!07:36
yetiok... """Currently, the Earth reaches perihelion in early January, approximately 14 days after the December solstice.""" ...that is north/sout invariant but a different date07:39
yeti1st derivate of day length = 007:40
yetiwould fit N/S invariant for today07:40
yetibut who would understanbd that?07:40
onefangSo today is the December solstice, correct.  It certainly isn't "midwinter" everywhere though.07:40
yetisolstice + monthname ... ok...07:41
yetif' = 0 fits summer too... on both halves07:42
masonYule, today.16:45
golinuxNo . . . solstice today17:14
masonThat too.17:26
golinuxI'd go with the one that can be scientifically proven17:34
masonAnthropology is a science too.17:44
fsmithredthe ancients had enough astronomy to have their holidays on the solstice17:59
golinuxfsmithred: Indeed.18:15
fsmithredit's already warming up here. 36F. Spring is right around the corner.18:29
bgstack15Hm, I read somewhere that the Roman calendar got filled up with holidays so that by the end of the empire, there were more holidays than regular days.19:26
golinuxIf that is a sign of decline and decay, US is well on its way.  Holidays are just annoying. Just let days be days and foget the hype.19:32
JackFrostLeePen: Thanks for the Debian elogind upload.23:19

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