libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2020-12-18

fsmithredAre we keeping a list of packages that drop the init scripts? add bluez-obexd03:29
masonfsmithred: I was seeing some thoughts about analysis, and I want to do automated analysis before long and get a comprehensive list.03:35
masonThere was an automated analysis in "the thread".03:35
fsmithredI checked and there was no init script in the ascii or jessie versions of that package03:36
fsmithredcan't check wheezy03:36
masonOoh, no one added Europa. Adding that one.03:39
masonI think Europa is nice *and* highlights the "celestial object" theme.03:39
fsmithredisn't that a moon?03:52
onefangThat's not a moon.  Oh wait, wrong movie.03:53
fsmithred(52) Europa03:54
fsmithredit's on the list03:54
fsmithredisn't that jupiter's ocean moon?03:54
onefangThat's not a moon, THIS is a moon.  Damn, still wrong movie.03:54
onefangAttempt no landing there.  Bugger, one of these days I'll get the right movie.03:56
masonIt's a moon, but it's on the list.04:00
masonAnd yeah. Seems timely/topical. Lots of attention on Europa now.04:00
masonRecent article about possible life there:
masonwait, that's an old one04:02
onefangYou need to find the right movie to, huh?04:03
masonThere was an interview with the lead scientist doing the work recently.04:04
masonOh, I'm not too bright. I'm thinking of stuff they found in the clouds of Venus.04:06
masonBut I was digging through the list and saw Europa and thought it'd be a lovely name.04:06
golinuxGood grief . . .04:15
masonOverpoweringly good grief? :)04:27
golinuxDisappointed good grief . . .05:27
masonEuropa? My being confused about Venus? Planetary Radio?05:31
masonI'll definitely be able to make the next meeting, anyway. Holiday at work, so no pesky meetings or customer issues to get in the way.05:32
golinuxI'll be there too but that discussion is a bit OT.05:35
masonWell. It was all re: the naming discussion. Wish I hadn't missed the live version.05:35
golinuxWe had that sorted quickly05:36
masonOh, was one picked? Or we have a slate?05:37
golinuxIt is still open but Excalibur seems to be the "one" at this point.05:37
masonIt's a good one if that's the one.05:38
golinuxIt's a very long list of "E" minor planets05:38
masonYes indeed.05:38
golinuxWe are the knights of the Devuan round table after all and we have magic powers.05:39
masonSo, is #devuan-offtopic usable again? I want an offtopic place associated with the project.05:39
masonI guess I should just try it.05:40
golinuxIt's mostly off the rails.  I rarely fo there anymore.05:40
golinuxfo > go05:40
masonI'm back in, and I'll give it a week.05:40
golinuxPlease let me know how long you last.05:41
masonI will.05:41
masonclot went off about something, but I didn't remove my soft-mute in time to see what it was.05:45
LeePenStarted Debian config override package17:48
masonLeePen: Is the notion to have an override package per upstream package? Otherwise I'd think it'd be painful or impossible to maintain.18:20
masonLeePen: An override package per upstream package could lock in the current package until the new override is ready.18:21
masonLeePen: I'm doing this to lock in kernels now so I can't upgrade them until I have new ZFS kmods prepared.18:22
LeePenmason: Not sure, I was just doing a POC that the packaging/dpkg-divert works cleanly.18:22
LeePenWe have very few of these ATM (pulseaudio, maybe the lightdm config fixes), so it could all go in 1 packages.18:23
masonkk, that sounds reasonable then18:23

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