libera/#devuan-dev/ Wednesday, 2020-11-25

masongolinux: I'm up for one. I don't think dinner will be in the way.00:33
golinuxmason: Excellent!00:49
Xenguymason: Just saw your note about unbound, and am feeling disappointed.  Are their devs systemd fans?  Is there a problem upstream, and if so is there anything we can do to encourage init freedom there?01:03
Xenguy(Just when I was getting to like unbound)01:04
masonXenguy: I wouldn't think so since they run on different platforms. They have reason for wanting to chown the PID. I just don't think it's hugely compelling.02:26
masonThere are other ways they could do it.02:27
XenguyNo idea, I just hope I can continue to run unbound without issues02:28
masonXenguy: I did a sample build for fsmithred that chopped out the chown, and it worked fine. The thing it can't do is restart itself and rewrite its own PIDfile if it doesn't own it, so it'd have to be restarted via the init script02:31
XenguyHuh, sounds workable then02:31
masonWithout that bit chopped out, it will have problems stopping or restarting. Options: 1) we rebuild to turn off the chown, or 2) we repackage to tell it not to use a PIDfile at all, and manage it externally with start-stop-daemon's built-in PIDfile management.02:32
XenguyIs it possible to work with upstream?02:32
fsmithredam I using that?02:32
masonfsmithred: You tried it anyway. Not sure if you're still using it.02:32
fsmithredin beowulf or chimaera?02:33
masonOoh, dunno. I emailed you patched packages on September 9th, and they'd have been built against Beowulf.02:34
masonI assume Beowulf.02:34
fsmithredthe unbound init script is from May02:35
masonI have to say, though, I switched over to BIND and am quite happy with it. It's just as good in this role as it is as a public nameserver.02:35
masonfsmithred: I didn't change the script. The binary needed the chown patched out.02:35
masonIt was only after that I noticed start-stop-daemon having its own functionality.02:35
masonbe back presently - birthday singing/cake time for the freshly-minted seven-year-old02:36
bgstack15Devuan meet is still happening tomorrow, Thursday, November 26 at 20:30 UTC.
Xenguybgstack15: Wish I could make those meetings, but FWIW I do read your fine meeting notes  : -)14:56
bgstack15Oh, I just send them out. I don't take the notes.14:57
bgstack15I usually don't fully understand the topics.14:57
XenguySuppose I could contribute to the pad if need be too, even though I can't make the actual meetings14:57
XenguyWell the contribution is appreciated in any case14:57
fsmithredsecret: Nobody fully understands the topics.15:02
Xenguyfsmithred: shh, don't tell everyone15:14
fsmithredthat's why I said it in this channel15:14
fsmithredonly the elite know15:14
Xenguyahem, 433715:15
Xenguy1337 ?15:15
fsmithredyeah, the lower number15:15
Xenguygotta run, seize the day15:15
bgstack15I'm definitely not 1337 enough to be part of the 4337 group.15:15
fsmithredsame here15:15
Xenguysecret: me neither15:16
fsmithredfirst time I saw that number I thought it was a drug reference15:16
onefang"CryptPad needs localStorage to work. Try changing your cookie permissions, or using a different browser"  WTF, same browser I always used, Firefox-ESR.16:01
onefangAnd it's already using localStorage from the last time I loaded the pad.16:04
bgstack15maybe your cache got busted?16:11
bgstack15I use palemoon and it operates just fine with CryptPad.16:11
bgstack15But then I think I'm logged in.16:11
onefangPalemoon gave me exactly the same error.16:13
onefangChromium works.16:15
onefangIt's OK, I have 256 GB of RAM in my new super desktop for a reason.  I can run three different web browsers and half a dozen messaging clients all at once now.  lol16:44
onefangThough due to the "be quiet!" PSU not being quiet for the last week, not gonna actually be at any video meetings for a while.16:45
onefangNot happy about yet another chance to be without computer for a month while PSU ships around the world to be fixed.  Now both me and the PU are whining.  lol16:48
onefang*PSU are whining*16:48
onefangOne of these days everything will be fixed with this new super destkop, and I can just relax and do shit with it.16:48

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