libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2020-11-16

parazydAny reason why a machine without an IPv6 uplink would resolve pkgmaster's AAAA DNS entry?10:36
parazydrrq: ^10:36
rrqit'll get it from DNS, but wouldn't use it I guess10:37
parazydFor some reason it is10:39
parazydFrom home, I resolve the IPv6 and it works, but on another machine without 6 it's behaving weird10:40
parazydErr:4 beowulf InRelease10:40
parazyd  Cannot initiate the connection to (2001:41d0:2:1f68::3624:8eb7). - connect (101: Network is10:40
parazyd unreachable) Could not connect to (, connection timed out Could not connect to10:40
parazyd (, connection timed out10:40
rrqmight it be due to having 2 ipv4 addresses?10:40
parazydIt could10:40
parazydhmm, but I can't ping any10:41
parazyd(From the machine with issues)10:41
parazydGeneral connectivity works though10:41
rrqboth are "good" for me; just tried ssh10:41
rrqand ping response is fine to from here10:42
rrqthough (just realized) my ipv6 routing is broken10:43
parazydsec, I'll share a traceroute10:43
parazydSo something is off10:43
parazydAnd from my house: ;
parazydSo somewhere some route is broken on
rrqyes looks like that.. I come in to via US to FR at
rrqlet me try from uk ...10:46
parazydIs there any way I could force(?) a routing?10:47
rrqit's possible but you need to add host routes successively10:49
parazydI'll just try routing the traffic through my house temporarily10:50
rrqeg if you have a route to over A, B, C, then you need to first set a route to A, then to be via A, then to C via B10:50
parazydYeah. That's too complicated for my skills :D10:51
rrqdo you reach any Devuan node?10:51
rrqeg nardoo in France10:52
parazydnash, napier, www, nardoo, all go through the UK for me here10:52
parazydAnd all stuck10:53 works10:53
rrqargh :(10:53
parazydWell, sometimes10:53
rrqif you want to go via Sydney ( I can help you with VPN cabling to there10:53
parazydI'll just set up wireguard to my house. It's the quickest solution.10:54
parazydIt's temporary anyway10:54
parazyd(I hope)10:54
parazydThanks though10:54
parazydEver given some thought on having HTTPS enabled on btw?10:57
rrqwell then all the mirrors will need to share the cert..10:58
parazydI suppose the other way is to have a few of our own servers in round robin, and then round robin again inside10:59
parazydYeah, I guess that's not economical :D10:59
rrqyes I don't think anyone has worked out actual load balancing with https .. would need some oath2 principle I suppose11:01
rrqbut generally I think one should separate end-point trust from transport encryption11:02
parazydSeems the uk route issue resolved itself13:25
rrqparazyd: yes, that's how magic works :)22:23

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