libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2020-10-26

gnu_srs1LeePen: Sorry, I for got to restart build005 after a host failure. Up again :)00:13
ServiceRobothello peeps17:33
BeerbelottAnyone know how to deal with "Stopping remaining crypto disks (busy)" and then a series of "nvme0n1p3_crypt busy..." before eventually giving up with an error?18:24
BeerbelottIs it related to SSD drivers in Debian?18:25
Beerbelottor is it a regression coming from Devuan?18:25
fsmithredBeerbelott, in beowulf, apt install cryptsetup-modified-functions18:28
fsmithredit's in beowulf-proposed-updates18:28
fsmithredyou probably need to add that to sources.list18:28
fsmithredin chimaera you don't need that, and in ascii you have to fix it manually or get the same package but from mx18:29
BeerbelottOh wow! That did wonders! One more happy user, if that counts :)18:41
BeerbelottThx fsmithred18:41
BeerbelottI'm on beowulf18:42
BeerbelottTHe package was in main, so I dod not add contrib nor non-free on that source18:42
fsmithredapt policy says it's in proposed-updates. Maybe you already have that enabled.18:43
BeerbelottI meant in the main "channel" (is that the right word?) of the proposed-updates source18:44
BeerbelottYes I had to add this proposed-updates I did not have before18:44
fsmithredit'll get moved from there into the main beowulf repo right before we make the 3.1 point-release isos18:45
BeerbelottOh apparently "main", "contrib" & "non-free" seem to be called "archive areas" per Debian Policy Manual18:46
fsmithredI get all the words confused18:46
fsmithreddebian is full of secret incantations18:46
BeerbelottOh and "beowul-proposed-updates" is a section.18:49
BeerbelottNo wait.18:50
BeerbelottI'm confused now18:51
golinuxstable proposed-updates18:52
golinuxlisted there18:52
Beerbelott says "beowulf-proposed-updates" is the "distribution name" while "main" is the "area name". There we go18:55
BeerbelottI think I learnt sth today... which I'll probably won't remember though :P18:56
golinuxWelcome to my world18:59
BeerbelottBtw I used Is this listed anywhere on the website? The style seems off: not in sync with the rest of the website19:05
BeerbelottI guess it would be nice to at least integrate a link to it in the Packages page19:06
Beerbelottor even add a link to it in the upper menu19:06
fsmithredAre we keeping a list of packages that lose their init scripts? If so pdns and pdns-recursor should be on it.23:23

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