libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2020-10-25

bgstack15LeePen: I've pushed the latest update to 389-ds-base to, in branch suites/unstable.18:38
bgstack15Can you clarify if are still valid for the gitea setup?18:39
LeePenbgstack15: Yes18:44
LeePenBut I am struggling with #516 (which I haven't hit myself before). This may also be affecting the jenkins builders.18:45
LeePenI need to ask Debian for the fixed dpkg to be released.18:46
bgstack15Oh yeah, that linked debian bug (966083) is the one that I think is related to the whole Ceres problem where `debuild -us -uc` fails unless you also add `-nc` for no-clean.18:50
bgstack15That started happening a few months ago. I always have to downgrade dpkg-dev and some perl package (probably the libdpkg-perl) back to the Beowulf versions.18:51
bgstack15I guess I need to bother to pin those...18:51
LeePenJust asked on #debian-dpkg for the fix timescale.18:51
LeePenAnd the arm builder is offline ;(18:51
LeePenparazyd: ^^^^
LeePenIn fact both the dyne builders and gnu_srs1 build005 offline.18:53
parazydYeah, seems the network is down18:53
parazydCan't do much besides wait it out18:53
parazydI'll go check it out ASAP18:53
LeePenOK, thanks.18:54

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