libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2020-10-23

dvdkhi, I just wanted to report a "debian bug" from my Devuan machine.  what's the normal procedure?  Are the Debian maintainers going to kill me for reporting a bug that's occuring on something other than their official Distribution?21:42
dvdkHow do I even find out, whether the package in question (kicad and/or xorg) is an original Debian version or patched by the Devuan project?21:42
fsmithreddvdk, all the forked packages have "+devuan" in the version21:59
fsmithredreception you get from the debian dev(s) can vary. It's best if you can reproduce the bug in debian.22:00
dvdkfsmithred, thanks for you answer.  Unfortunately I don't have any debian machine of corresponding version around any more...22:05
dvdkI mean I could just report the bug te the devuan bug tracke, but I guess that won't help me at all :)22:05
fsmithredinstall it in a VM22:05
fsmithredno, we'll tell you to push it upstream22:05
dvdk"install it in a VM" yes, if I had that much time, I could just compile from source and report directly to the upstream devs :)22:06
fsmithredcheck for existing bug reports22:07
dvdkyes, already googled for the issue, seems to be unknown.  my theory is, nobody even uses kicad on linux, because it's just so broken.22:17
hagbard_nah, didn't have issues with it22:18
dvdkhagbard_ ok, so then something must be especially wrong with my X-server or mouse or something... hmm.22:23
hagbard_what's heppening?22:24
dvdkkicad does this "mouse pointer warping" (XWarpPointer) on almost every operation.22:25
dvdkunfortunately on my system it consistently moves the mouse-cursor to the screen's border.22:25
dvdkthis makes it practically unasabel.22:25
dvdkactually it seems to warps the pointer to the right position, but as soons as I move the mouse even a single pixel, the pointer then jumps22:26
dvdkahaha, tried a different mouse, now it's gone.22:27
dvdkhow can this be related to the model of mouse I use (kensignton expert mouse).  I had the same issue on an ubuntu computer, too, and the only thing that connects that ubuntu computer and my machine here, is that both are using a kensignton exper mouse.22:28
dvdkyes, after XWarpPointer(), move the kinsngton mouse -> cursor jumps.  use another mouse concurrently connected -> mouse does not jump.22:29
dvdkroflasc.  thanks, now it's even a very specific bug report.22:29
hagbard_Sounds rather like an issue in the realm of mouse/mouse driver/X11 than something specific about kicad.22:30

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