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GNUmoon2fsmithred: Hi, I've made some progress with figuring out why the monitors connected to the thunderbolt 3 dock are not working in devuan, but do in Ubuntu/popos.01:20
GNUmoon2Using the ddcutil command was very useful in showing a possible cause of the problem, otherwise I was going to give up...01:21
GNUmoon2ddcutil gets EDID info over Display Data Channel running on the i2c bus.01:23
GNUmoon2When the dock is connected, the i2c device cannot see the DP present in Devuan, it only show "/sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-7/name:   AUX B/port B."01:29
GNUmoon2Whilst in popos, ddcutil shows extra i2c buses:    /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-9/name:   DPMST   /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-7/name:   DPDDC-B01:30
GNUmoon2I'd like to install the chimarera version on the laptop to explore this further. How can I install the liveISO?01:31
fsmithredGNUmoon2, do those names show up in the kernel configs in popos?01:53
fsmithredgrep DPMST /boot/config-whatever  in popos01:54
GNUmoon2Nope, nothing from $ grep DPMST config-5.4.0-7642-generic01:55
GNUmoon2or for $ grep DPD config-5.4.0-7642-generic01:56
fsmithredyou want to install one of my isos?01:58
GNUmoon2yes please :)01:59
fsmithredit's old01:59
fsmithredJuly 201:59
fsmithredif Refracta Installer is not in the apps menu, run 'sudo refractainstaller' in a terminal02:01
GNUmoon2Yeah, that ISO is the one you sent to me earlier to test.02:01
GNUmoon2thanks for the command to install.02:02
fsmithredI haven't made any newer chimaera isos02:02
fsmithredthere might be debootstrap instructions in the user's home02:02
fsmithredthat would be another way to install chimaera02:02
fsmithredalternative is do a minimal beowulf install and then upgrade to chimaera02:03
fsmithredif you install from the live iso, just 'apt update && apt upgrade' after you reboot into the system.02:03
GNUmoon2Thanks. Is it possible to install onto an existing encrypted drive? or it is outside the scope of what refractainstaller can do?02:09
fsmithredwhere on the encrypted drive???02:16
fsmithredyou can install to a separate partition and encrypt the filesystem on that partition02:16
GNUmoon2I had installed Beowulf using whole disk encryption.02:18
GNUmoon2Just reading refractainstaller help, looks like it supports whole disk encryption.02:18
GNUmoon2Yes, LVM on top of encryption.02:18
fsmithredyou want to keep that or replace it?02:19
GNUmoon2I'd like to keep it if possible, save re-doing it.02:19
fsmithredwell, there might be a way to install it to a spare logical volume in your lvm, but it's probably a pain in the ass to do that02:20
GNUmoon2Yeah, maybe I'll keep it simple until I solve this thunderbolt problem.02:20
GNUmoon2ONce I have a solution, I'll do a proper install :)02:20
fsmithredif there's free space outside the lvm, you could install to a partition there02:20
fsmithredif you have a spare usb stick, you could install to that like it's a hard drive02:22
GNUmoon2ah yeah, that's a good idea.02:22
GNUmoon2fsmithred: I installed Chimaera and apt updated, authorised the dock. No success. Still cannot see the i2c DPDDC stuff.10:32
GNUmoon2I've copied the popos kernel config and and $make oldconfig with the 5.8 in devuan. However, I'm having trouble compiling.10:33
GNUmoon2At least once I've recompiled the kernel, it should be no different to the popos version...10:33
GNUmoon2Following, up to compiling the kernel with "$ make deb-pkg -j9 -d" yields the error "dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build subprocess returned extit status 2"13:16
GNUmoon2nothing specific about why it failed.13:17
GNUmoon2Same process worked in Beowulf to update the kernel.13:17
fsmithredThere's a kernel build howto at that I've used. I'll find the link.13:23
fsmithredor maybe not. I can't get there.13:24
fsmithredPulled this from history. I think it's the right thread. Not sure which post this is:
GNUmoon2Thank you, I'll have another try tomorrow.13:31

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