libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2020-09-25

fsmithredI just looked at the live install guide, and it's ascii, not beowulf.02:52
fsmithredgolinux, Xenguy Is it just me?02:52
fsmithredI get the same if I go to beta.devuan.org02:53
Xenguyuh oh02:53
fsmithrednope. I take that back. If I go to and follow the links, it's beowulf02:53
fsmithredthat link02:54
fsmithredon this page
fsmithredshows the ascii guide02:54
golinuxBoth beowul and ascii guides are on that page02:55
fsmithredoh, duh02:56
fsmithredsorry for the noise02:56
golinuxInstall Beowulf (with screenshots)02:56
golinux    Install Beowulf02:56
golinux    Full Disk Encryption02:56
golinux    Live Install02:56
golinuxInstall ASCII (with screenshots)02:56
golinux    Install ASCII02:56
golinux    Full Disk Encryption02:56
golinux    Graphic Install02:56
golinux    Graphic Disk Encryption02:56
golinux    Live Install02:56
XenguyPerfectly fine, we love bug reports here : -)02:56
golinuxfsmithred: Just wait 10 or so years  . . .02:58
fsmithredyeah, you didn't need to copy all that here.02:58
fsmithredI've already stopped reading between the links02:58
golinuxASCII looks "heavier" because of the graphic install02:59
golinux2 extra lines under ascii02:59
* Xenguy goes for a smoke...03:00
XenguyHey, it's not like I'm blowing it in your face 8 -D03:00
* fsmithred really misses going out for a smoke03:01
XenguyDid you quit at some point fsmithred ?03:04
Xenguy(Are we allowed to chat OT in this #channel?)03:04
fsmithredyes and no03:05
fsmithredquit early during lockdown using patch. It was easy. Now after 4-5 months it's getting harder.03:06
XenguyCurious, I'd think you'd get over-the-hump at some point further on03:06
XenguyMaybe just a stage03:07
XenguyThere is a way you could continue to smoke, but not have to bother with nicotine03:08
Xenguy= )03:08
fsmithredyeah, the store is right up the street from me03:09
XenguyYou could switch to cannabis too, that's another way...03:10
XenguyBut I don't mean to be a bad influence03:11
fsmithredthat's what I assumed you meant03:11
XenguyAh good03:11
XenguyMost places it is still illegal03:11
masonfsmithred: It's a stereotype, but would chewing gum help?14:42
fsmithredprobably not14:42
fsmithredgum happens all in the mouth, smoking does stuff below that14:43
fsmithredalso, tobacco stimulates more dopamine14:44
fsmithredgood alternative would be cocaine, but that's harder to find14:44
masonHrm, you don't even have to go to Pueblo, Colorado nowadays!
masonThey don't have any easy replacements noted, but maybe there's *something* in there.14:45
XenguyFWIW, I used chewing gum as a kind of 'placebo' when I was quitting tobacco.  Whenever I got an urge for a cigarette, I'd just pop a stick of gum, and then try to distract myself in some other activity...14:46
fsmithredevery time I stand up from my desk (on auto-pilot) to go out for a smoke, I remind myself that I don't do that anymore.14:46
XenguyAgain FWIW, that was back in 2006, and so far so good : -)14:47
Xenguyautopilot is a good word for it14:47
fsmithredhappens a lot when I'm reading the news14:47
XenguyThat's my new bad habit ; -)14:48
* Xenguy is off to the salt mines...14:48
fsmithredI found it easier to do without support from others and without even mentioning it until I had already been done with it for a couple months.14:49
masonWhatever it takes, it's a good move and if others humans can help, whatever.14:49
fsmithredI think the existence of a lung-eating virus helped with motivation14:50
fsmithredbut it was really easy to stop14:50
masonOh, hadn't even thought of that. Yes, it's a tactically good move for that reason.14:50
fsmithredalthough there's some evidence that it has a protective effect when it comes to this virus14:51
fsmithredI kept some patches just in case...14:52
bgstack15fsmithred: which ISO is the minimal-live? doesn't make it terribly obvious which one it is.23:07
fsmithredwrong dir. Go up one and over to the live23:09
bgstack15Oh, and by the way, about the accessibility problem in general, I think this is the exact problem we had solved in the dpkgs themselves. I would assume that the ISOs are built from dpkgs. We probably need to promote the fixed packages out of beowulf-proposed-packages into beowulf.23:10
bgstack15That is already my first recommendation.23:10
fsmithredyeah, I was wondering about that23:10
fsmithredall those changes were made?23:11
fsmithredif so, we're all set23:11
bgstack15But they're not in beowulf yet. I guess we need to get LeePen's perspective on if those packages can be promoted yet to beowulf-updates or whatever.23:11
fsmithredI think everything in there is planned to go into beowulf once eudev is in there23:12
bgstack15Do you feel that the fellow in question can wait until then? I realize the rest of us are waiting for the next eudev too.23:17
fsmithredyou mean wait for the accessibility features?23:18
fsmithredI think he's all set, but he wants our isos to be right.23:18

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