libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2020-09-22

gnu_srsHello, it seems like Vcs-Git: -b devuan works but Vcs-Browser: results in a 404?18:28
fsmithredgnu_srs, you created an account at the new git?18:35
fsmithredI'm guessing the second link is an old leftover from the old git18:43
fsmithredor maybe not. The old one would have said 'devuan-packages' in it.18:43
fsmithredgnu_srs, what's the current status of eudev?18:57
golinuxYeah, the 3.1 point release is on hold waiting for eudev . . .19:01
gnu_srsfsmithred: Yes, I'm looking into eudev, and need to know what to use for Vcs-Git: and Vcs-Browser:20:56
gnu_srsfsmithred: is taken from the latest version of elogind: 243.8-121:03
masonIt still gets deeply under my skin that we're shipping a central piece of systemd.21:08
fsmithredgnu_srs, here's what I'm using. Just replace the package name.21:09
fsmithrednot that second one21:10
fsmithredsorry, elogind21:11
fsmithredwhat is ' -b devuan'?21:14
fsmithred says:21:16
fsmithredEnsure that the Vcs-* fields contain the official Devuan URL (<source_package>).21:16

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