libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2020-09-21

golinuxSomeone just claimed on the forum that Devuan forks over 200 packages.  I didn't think it was anywhere near that many.  How many have we actually touched?22:17
fsmithredaround half of those are task-<language>22:18
golinuxCould you please post a reality check?
fsmithredthat last answer is close enough22:22
fsmithredI get 260 packages with devuan in either the name or the version, and 186 if I exclude anything with 'task' in the name.22:22
mason42 here, FWIW22:23
masonFairly tame list:
mason(from dpkg -l | awk '/devuan/ {print $2,$3}')22:26
fsmithredthat's just what's installed22:26
masonRight. But as an example of a typical system, assuming mine's typical.22:27
fsmithredapt search devuan22:27
fsmithred53 here22:27
golinuxPlease 'splain this
bgstack15Off the top of my head, approximately 35 of those are from beowulf-proposed-updates22:48
bgstack15So that'll mean duplicates.22:48
golinuxAlso there are 218 licalization tasks22:49

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