libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2020-09-13

GNUmoon2fsmithred: I updated the source.list, but as rrq said, best to install specific packages. So I've done more research on how thunderbolt works.00:33
GNUmoon2I found this CCC talk by Christian Kellner (bolt dev)
fsmithredOK, be careful with it. Generally it's a bad idea to mix stable and testing00:33
GNUmoon2Seems the kernel creates the interface to the thunderbolt dev that includes the USB/DP interfaces. Bolt just talks to the sysfs to authorise it.00:35
GNUmoon2So I guess either the kernel is not showing the DP so xorg can use them or xorg is not handling it correctly...00:35
fsmithredI have a chimaera live-iso if that would help with testing00:36
fsmithreddoes this thing require any non-free firmware?00:36
GNUmoon2oh yeah, that would be great. Happy to test.00:36
GNUmoon2Yes it needs wifi firmware (which I can skip for testing) and it might need something for the intel internal gpu.00:37
fsmithredit's a very lean system. openbox, lxpanel, no display manager - use startx00:37
fsmithredlogin:password - user:user and root:root00:37
fsmithredthere are some non-free firmware packages in the user's home, but only main is enabled in sources.list00:38
fsmithredif you have a lot of ram, you could install stuff in the live session00:39
GNUmoon2okay, thanks!00:39
GNUmoon2Looks like it will take 20 minutes to download.00:40
GNUmoon2I'll go do something else :)00:41
GNUmoon2fsmithred: okay Chimaera is up, I did an apt update, apt upgrade, apt install bolt.02:04
GNUmoon2authorized the dock...and no external monitors.02:05
GNUmoon2strange, there is no Xorg.0.log file. Is that expected?02:05
fsmithredxorg log might be in your home04:07
GNUmoon2oh yeah, I'll have a look04:14
fsmithredafk  zzzz04:31
GNUmoon2I just had a look, xorg does not do anything when plugging in the dock.04:53
GNUmoon2PopOS (via live boot) does show xorg detecting 1 monitor.04:53
GNUmoon2The only obvious difference I can see is that devuan sets up iommu groups, whilst PopOS does not.04:54
GNUmoon2e.g. pci 0000:04:00.0: Adding to iommu group 2004:55
GNUmoon2The dock does not have iommu dma protection according to "cat /sys/bus/thunderbolt/devices/domain0/iommu_dma_protection" yields 007:57
GNUmoon2So the iommu groups should not matter.07:58
GNUmoon2I'm flying blind here.07:58
GNUmoon2PopOS uses wayland, but that should not impact the kernel detecting the DP ports via thunderbolt.08:26

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