libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2020-09-12

rrqpls note that the git store now has new ip filtering08:40
rrqtell me if it bites you without reason08:41
golinuxIs it a snaplock?08:42
rrqkind of.. more of a bot nibbler :)08:43
rrqtoo many bots recursing the repositories08:43
rrq"too many" = my judgement when counting with a fingerless hand08:44
golinuxBots from where? That question puts my paranoia in overdrive.08:44
rrqthe usual.. eg .. .. .. etc08:47
golinuxClever of you.08:50
rrqmmm I might mvoe th block to the outer fence, because even the dropped traffic uses 10% node cpu08:55
golinuxHave fun.  Bedtime here.08:59
GNUmoon2Hi, I want to try out Chimaera to see if newer packages will solve my thunderbolt 3 docking problem. I've searched the Devuan website and some of the mirrors, but Chimaera doesn't appear anywhere obvious.10:51
GNUmoon2I'm happy to tryout something unstable for functionality.10:51
rrq"deb chimaera main contrib non-free"11:03
GNUmoon2rrq: Thank you. So I add that to the existing source.list file in my existing beowulf install?11:05
rrqthe practicaly reply is "yes" but I won't advice you to do so as it can be like stabbing yourself in the leg with a sharp knife11:07
GNUmoon2Yeah, someone mentioned something similar in the main #devuan for updating existing packages to newer version outside of beowulf.11:08
GNUmoon2Is there a Chimara ISO for a minimal install available?11:08
rrqmake sure to add a file /etc/apt/preferences.d/reluctant-chimaera with 3 lines:11:09
rrqPackage: *11:09
rrqPin: release n=chimaera*11:09
rrqPin-Priority: 9011:09
rrq.. then it won't upgrade anything that you don;t tell it to upgrade11:09
GNUmoon2Thanks rrq11:12
fsmithredGNUmoon2, have you installed any of chimaera yet?18:38

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