libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2020-09-10

masonToday is fairly hosed. I don't suspect I'll be able to get to the meeting, but I added notes yesterday and will check the pad tonight.19:44
masonIf there's a strong "No, we like the twiki idea, forget this PHP PMWiki" madness I'd go with that. Either way is fine. In other news, I may have found a race condition in our networking start-up which I'll have to explore - so far it appears to involve a system with a bridge being an NFS client with NFS entries in fstab, but I'll see if I can narrow it down.19:46
LeePenfsmithred: You want refractainstaller-{base,gui}/9.5.6 in beowulf-proposed-updates?21:14
masonSo, a high-priority call might not be happening, in which case I'll be on the call. \o/21:18
fsmithredLeePen, yes21:21
LeePenI think the dependencies are satisfied in beowulf, so we can just copy the packages in DAK, if you are happy with that?21:22
fsmithredyes, thanks21:24
LeePenfsmithred: Done in DAK. Should propagate on the next amprolla run.21:28
fsmithredand yes, it installs fine in beowulf21:29
LeePenThanks. See you at the meet.21:30
fsmithredI can just delete my beowulf-proposed-updates branch and remove the now useless changelog entry, right?21:48
LeePenYes, we don't need it ATM.22:12

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