libera/#devuan-dev/ Tuesday, 2020-07-28

MetaYanTesting beowulf on a Macbook Pro from 2014, I've had an X11 lockup. Only the pointer was movable. Didn't have sshd started yet, so no more info.19:44
MetaYanBeowulf Live.19:44
MetaYanAnother problem I've encountered was when the screensaver kicked in, the screen went completely black and the pointer was locked in a small rectangle in the middle of the screen.19:47
MetaYanWith no visual indication of what was happening.19:48
gnu_srsLeePen: Just FYI: I've investigated the problem with eudev.init and verified that eudev does not support the option of --notify--await for start-stop-daemon :(20:56
gnu_srsAdding a sleep 1 is not a very reliable solution. For further info see the Message #30 to #483 from Trek.20:56
gnu_srsWhat to do? 1) implement --notify-await in eudev, 2) Do something else, 3) Just add sleep 1 and hope for the best?20:56
LeePengnu_srs: I suppose 1) looks best if it is achievable.21:45
LeePenIs it?21:45
gnu_srsLeePen: Then I have to implement that in eudev and propose the patch to upstream. Dunno yet how much work is needed.22:36
LeePengnu_srs: do you have another/better solution?23:17
gnu_srsNo I don't. Maybe to add that 1 second delay, and make many people happy? fsmithred?23:38
fsmithredwell, it's been suggested that 1 second might not be long enough on some hardware23:39
fsmithredbut I didn't see any actual examples of it not working23:39
fsmithredand I don't know any hardware that's slower than an optical drive, which is where I tested the 1-second sleep23:40
fsmithredI don't claim to understand most of what's in the main bug report23:40
fsmithreddebian bug report, I mean23:40
fsmithredand the secondary one - 791944 - I think was fixed in cryptsetup in chimaera23:41
fsmithredi.e. delayed shutdown of encrypted partitions23:41
fsmithredI tested that in chimaera or ceres after someone posted about it being fixed, and it is fixed there.23:41

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