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kreyrenHey, i would like to join devuan team so that i can implement official dockerimages and fix lsb_release -cs on chimaera ^-^11:14
LeePenGreat. WHat is wrong with lsb_release?11:15
kreyrenLeePen, lsb_release -cs returns 'n/a' on chimaera11:15
kreyrenwhere 'chimaera' is expected11:15
LeePenThere is no official joining process. You just get involved, submit patches/merge requests etc.11:17
LeePenWe have a video meeting on Thursdays at 2030UTC11:17
LeePenYou woulld be very welcome at that (as is anybody).11:17
kreyrenLeePen, is the downstream repo accesible now? I though it was migrading on gitlab11:18
kreyrenand for the dockerimages can i just submit them somewhere for devuan to publish it?11:18
LeePenThere are some docs at
LeePenkreyren: Do you mean Devuan's git repo?11:19
LeePenIt has always been available even through the migration.11:19
kreyrenLeePen, yep? Or where can i submit the patches?11:19
kreyrenah i see11:19
LeePenThe migration is done. Now gitea. Still at
kreyrenLeePen, found -> How is this packaged? alike can i just submit something like this for chimaera?
kreyrenor should i get the deb file from chimaera, unpack it and made the change there?11:23
LeePenWe work similarly to Debian in that fixes go into unstable (ceres) and then migrate to testing (currently chimaera) after a short time if they don't cause regressions.11:24
LeePenI haven't looked at the problem you have identified.11:25
LeePenWe use most package directly from Debian without modification or recompilation.11:25
LeePenlsb-release appear to be one of those.11:25
kreyrenI think debian is using the value from /etc/os-release in lsb_release -cs11:25
kreyrenlet me check11:26
LeePenThere are a relatively  small number of forked packages. base-files is one and contains /etc/os-release which may be the root of the problem.11:26
kreyrenyep adding VERSION_CODENAME=chimaera makes lsb_release -cs to return chimaera11:27
kreyrenso package base-files11:29
LeePenHmmm. Because of the way packages migrate from unstable -> testing I will have to think about how we deal with that.11:30
LeePenIt also probably explains why it is the way it is.11:30
LeePenIs anything broken by lsb_release -cs returning n/a?11:30
kreyrenLeePen, all my scripts11:30
kreyrenBecause lsb_release was considered trusted to return sane values >.>
kreyrenand even if i add logic to fall back to /etc/os-release for distro idenfitication that fails on devuan too11:32
kreyrenwell i guess other software too O.o it's a common practice to use these for distro and release identification11:33
LeePenDoes Debian return the correct codename for unstable and testing?11:34
kreyrenLeePen, last time i checked it did11:34
* kreyren is fetching debian testing and debian unstable sandboxes11:34
LeePenOK. Let me look a bit closer and try to see what we are missing.11:34
LeePenAFAICS this behaviour is inherited from Debian.11:38
LeePenIf you want codenames you neet to use /etc/de{bi,vu}an_version11:38
kreyrenbuilding debian testing and unstable fails in my sandboxing method.. trying docker >..11:40
kreyrendocker fails for me on devuan, checking why11:43
kreyrennwm syntax err11:47
kreyrenLeePen, you are right debian testing doesn't have the  VERSION_CODENAME11:48
LeePenYep. So as far as your scripts go, try ^^^ /etc/de{bi,vu}an_version.11:48
LeePenHowever, it is good to have you around and do get more involved!11:49
kreyrenLeePen, checking on debian/testing it has the /etc/debian_version that stores 'bullseye/sid` on testing and on chimaera that is /etc/devuan_version that stores beowulf/ceres O.o11:50
kreyrenSo that also can't be used to identify the distro >.>11:50
LeePenHmm, should be chimaera/ceres -- I will check that,11:55
LeePenDo you need different behaviou on chimaera vs ceres?11:55
kreyrenLeePen, yes i do11:56
kreyrendifferent behavior per kernel, distro and release11:56
kreyreni.e i can't use `emerge` on apt-based distro and on windows i need to use command overrides to get the expected behavior11:56
kreyrenand for ceres vs chimaera this is a script that auto-manages the target system so on ceres it would have to do lots of sanity checks12:01
kreyrenbecause there is a threat model12:01
LeePenOn both Debian and Devuan you have a bit of an issue as testing is really a qa filtered subset of unstable.12:06
kreyrenLeePen, Seems that devuan/testing is sane enough since it provides the updated versions and those are going through QA on my end too12:08
kreyrende{vu,bi}an/stable is too insecure and useless for most of my usecases >.>12:08
LeePenI will give it some thought.12:09
kreyrenoke ^-^12:09
kreyrenCan i contribute to the docker though ?12:09
LeePenMy initial reaction is that distinguishing testing from unstable reliably is difficult.12:09
LeePenOf course12:09
kreyrenit's basically three line file for devuan because debotstrap is a thing12:10
kreyrenLeePen, how should i contribute it? On github i can set up CI that basically auto-maintains the files12:10
LeePenThere are/were some images. I am not sure of their status.12:10
kreyrenLeePen, all of the 3rd party docker images that i've tried are broken12:11
kreyrenand doesn't have chimaera12:11
LeePenOK. If you want to propose a working solution, please do.12:12
kreyrenLeePen, would it be acceptable on github? SInce gitea doesn't have CI12:12
kreyrenand gitlab CI is pain to work with12:12
LeePenCould it be done with Jenkins?12:13
kreyrennot sure never tried it12:14
kreyrenwell never tried it on jenkins12:14
LeePenWe use jenkins for our official package building.12:14
LeePenObviously you could maintain unofficial image on github.12:15
kreyrenwell if it can run shell every X time and allows parsing secrets then it should be fine12:15
kreyrenunofficial docker images are hell and i don't want to self-maintain it >.>12:15
LeePenI am not in charge around here (so it isn't my decision!!!!) but I doubt other devs would go for official Devuan images on github. But I may be wrong.12:16
kreyrenOr like me implementing it on github is fast so i guess i could make it on github and then add jenkins O.o12:17
kreyrenor let me do some research in jenkins will ping when i have more info ^-^12:17
LeePenWe know gitea -> jenkins works (because we use it). So if you can implement something based on that it should use established infra and fit well with the rest of our build systems.12:19
kreyrenah i didn't know that gitea -> jenkins works O.o12:20
kreyrenshoudn't be an issue then ^-^12:20
LeePenJust corrected chimaera/ceres codename in /etc/devuan_version in base-files_11+devuan3 (unstable).12:46
LeePenkreyren: have a look at /usr/share/doc/base-files/README for more info on why distinguishing testing and unstable on Debian and Devuan is problematic.12:58
kreyrenLeePen, noted thanks ^-^12:58
kreyrenLeePen, i read the mensioned file and that doesn't seem to provide more info to why is that problematic O.o13:00
kreyrenit just seems to provide reasoning to why is chimaera and 10.x used instead of testing13:00
LeePenI suppose I meant this bit:
LeePenMaybe it doesn't add much ;)13:04
kreyrenah i see13:09
bgstack15I have no opinion on using github for personal packages. I feel that official packages should be in the instance. And despite what LeePen says about not being in charge, he's the one with the most access and experience, so... he's in charge.14:25

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