libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2020-06-22

onefangfsmithred: One reliable way I have found to access the initramfs shell is to boot Refracta's failsafe mode.  lol04:24
rrqwhat happened to the old init=/bin/sh .. or is that something else?04:38
onefangI should have mentioned "from EFI mode".04:41
onefangHaving said that, now failsafe works fine, except for not starting the desktop.04:48
fsmithredit started the desktop here in qemu04:52
fsmithredrrq, yeah that's something else - that's actually running the system. He wants to edit the luks header.04:52
onefangYay my Syslinux stuff is runinng on my 486. slowly.  Though it's currently attempting to run 64 bit Refracta.  I expect it'll fall over soonish.04:57
onefangI'll poke through it's BIOS, see if it supports U/EFI.04:58
onefangIt's a modern 486 clone for embedded use, anything is possible.04:58
onefangNo such luck.05:09
golinuxJessie Smith's Beowulf review:

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