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rrqonefang: so you have chain loading working with syslinux? Across devices too? Great!01:23
rrq.. on UEFI01:38
onefangStill experimenting with that stuff, but making progress.01:40
onefangWhat do you mean by "Across devices too?"01:41
rrqI would like an UEFI boot loader that uses the isolinux.cfg set up of a drive (and/or partition) other than where the UEFI boot loader is01:50
rrqor syslinux.cfg would be enough I guess01:50
rrqthe next of course is a cfg that points to kernel/initrd on a different drive/partition from where the cfg is01:53
onefangThat's the sort of thing I'm working on, yes.01:55
onefangHampered by my lack of a working DVD burner though.  Makes it hard to test the isolinux parts properly.01:58
onefangWhich is why I'm hanging out for someone to burn that test ISO to a DVD and test it for me.  B-)02:00
rrqisn't a vm with a proper CD drive model good enough?02:01
onefang"Works in simulation" isn't the same as "works for real".02:02
onefangThere are plenty of quirks in all of this, and plenty of quirky BIOSes as well.02:04
rrqyes it seems every uefi implementation on every device is different :)02:04
onefangWhich is why I test boot on my ASUS ROG and my Mac Mini.02:05
onefangI tried testing on my desktop as well, but it's an 11 year old box with no EFI.  lol02:05
rrqoh.. a mac mini; I guess you hae the robe, the candles and the dancers available for its "flexible" boot02:06
onefangAnd a plentiful supply of sacrificial three headed chooks.02:06
onefangAnd why I don't test boot the Mac Mini at night.  The copious amounts of tho Mac boot sound and me swearing while I reboot yet again to see if it will work this time would wake my neighbours.02:08
rrqok, first I need to learn what a "triangular number" is (for the grandchile) .. and then I'll see if I can help you with a test case02:09
onefangOne of my neighbours has his bed right on the other side of the wall from where the Mac is, and he has told me he can hear me typing.  lol02:09
rrqok could you drop the link again pls.. I'll burn a dvd and dust of the old lenovo02:12
onefangA design goal for MAgic Pixie Dust is the ability to boot it on damn near anything.02:12
onefangIt's a bit under 2 GB, I'm still working on the 1GB version.02:13
rrqmmm though I wonder if the old lenovo has uefi... maybe I need to go off line and mess with my asus02:17
onefangTesting it under BIOS booting is useful to.02:18
onefangI do both.02:18
rrqI don't actually have to install do I? Just see that it will want to?02:18
onefangIt's Refracta beta5, it boots directly to the desktop, no install needed.02:19
rrqok ... I have an old dell rack unit as well with some peculiar bios I think02:20
onefangI'm experimenting with Refracta coz fsmithred asked me to.  Once it's working I'll fold it into Magic Pixie Dust.02:20
rrqwell desktop live + install is "the better way" I think02:22
rrq... slow download ~1.8MB/s02:23
onefangMagic Pixie Dust is a micro SD card with 20+ operating systems on it, some are live, some are live+install, some are just installed on their own partition on the card.02:23
rrq.. for people with decision angst, then :)02:24
onefangIt's something I carry in my wallet, so I can sit at random persons computer and do almost anything with it.  B-)02:26
onefangSo lots of repair tools, lots of forensic and security tools, lots of music tools, a wide variety of desktop Linuxes for demonstrations, etc...02:27
rrqhandy yes .. but a maintenace nightmare probably?02:33
onefangSo you want to move away from Windows?  Here's a few I can show you.  demo demo demo  OK, I can install this one on your computer now.02:33
onefangWell, this is only the second version.  I'm trying to automate more of it this time.02:33
onefangThink I'll avoid rolling distros this time, they ALL eventually shat themselves.02:35
rrq.. coming closer; the cat had dragged in a dvd-r from the street; we'll see how that goes02:38
onefangAt least the cat isn't eating your three headed chooks.02:38
rrqok it mounts after writing ... 816M it says02:45
onefangIgnore that, or load it into something like gparted to fix the partition table size.02:46
onefangNone of the tools that can fix that are scriptable.  I'll try expect later.02:46
rrq1.8G partition says fdisk02:46
onefangOh wait, there's two 800M partitions, one ISO9660, one FAT32.02:47
rrqI'll go and see how the lenovo likes it02:47
onefangBoot the bugger.  B-)02:47
rrqthe lenovo has a Phoenix SecureBoot bios ... booting fine03:00
rrqthe asus has an UEFI whatever.. can't see this cdrom as bootable03:00
onefangMight need to juggle some BIOS options.03:01
rrqit didn't find any EFI partition on the cdrom03:02
onefangOddly it's not Secure Boot compatible, only U/EFI and BIOS.03:02
rrqwell I may have turned that off on the lenovo.. it's just its name03:02
onefangWhat was the menu title, the bit at the end in ()?03:03
rrqon the lenovo ... (ISO)03:05
rrqonefangs ReFracta tester (ISO)03:07
onefangThat means it did an actual Isolinux boot, not on EFI one.  See if you can convince it to do an EFI boot by twiddling the BIOS.  Hours of fun.03:07
onefangIf it boots EFI, it will show (EFI/BOOT)  or (EFI/SYSLINUX), or similar, depending on which of the three EFI directories it decided to boot from.03:09
rrqI think that lenovo is too old; doesn't have uefi ... and my asus (which has uefi) doesn't like this dvd03:13
onefangTry DDing the iso file to USB and boot from that.  And try a BIOS boot on the asus of the DVD.03:15
onefangI managed to get my Asus to boot isolinux once last night, but not since.  It boots EFI from the USB fine.03:20
onefangHmmm, if the Lenovo has Secure Boot, it should have U/EFI.03:21
rrqit's named: Phoenix SecureCore(tm) .. and is not uefi03:22
rrqI have another asus, which does see the dvd but fails too boot it03:23
onefangAny error messages?03:23
rrqdoesn't accept the media .. I'll try from the top again03:24
onefangI have my virus "bonus" money, I've been using it to replace all my broken and worn out shit that I otherwise can't afford.  A new Blu-ray burner is up next I guess.  Just gotta find one that is region free.03:25
rrqthe asus seem to see the dvd as 2 different boot options, as cd and as uefi, .. none works .. so far ... bios fiddling03:28
onefangIt should see both, and boot from either.03:29
rrqmmm no luck with that asus; can't even boot as cd03:42
onefangI'm having trouble getting my asus to boot Isolinux from the USB.  It worked last night dammit.  lol03:44
rrqok.. I'll send my cat hunting for another dvd-r for later03:50
onefangOr maybe a dvd-rw?03:50
onefangThanks for trying rrq.04:07
rrqnw I can pave the road from here to Brisbane with cd-r but my dvd-r stack is a on-handed count04:43
rrqfor dvd-rw I'd need to visit officework down the road .. so that won't be this month04:44
onefangIf I can get this chain booting to work reliably, then the file size will reduce to something that'll fit on a CD.  I wont need two copies of the file system image.04:44
onefangOr I could switch to experimenting with something smaller.  lol04:45
rrqi suppose the could go tag-along with some other gadget for home delivery, but I'm not in gadget mood atm04:45
rrqbtw there was this uefi forth thingy; rewrite your uefi boot loader in jonesforth .. worked fine as such04:47
rrqjust find someone to do an ext4 api for it :)04:47
onefangSyslinux has a Lua module I intend to play with later.04:47
rrqhmm that's almost a reason to learn lua04:48
onefangI like Lua.04:48
rrqyeah I had a nibble some long time ago, but then ran out of programming langauge back pockets04:49
onefangI've used 100 programming languages in my career.  I have a geek party trick - throw me a language manual, I'll learn the language in an hour.04:51
onefangAnd be an expert in it in a week, but I've not been to any parties that last that long.04:52
onefangThe head of computing at RMIT actually let me sit an exam that way.  B-)04:53
onefangCoz taking a whole semester to learn a language wasn't working for me.  So I skipped the classes, cracked open the Pascal manual an hour before the exam, got 100%.04:54
onefangFortran I did at an actual geek party.04:55
rrqdid you explore the recursion depth of Cobol as well?04:55
onefangCobol was my very first paying job.  I scripted something to write it for me.04:56
rrqVolvo's 360 Cobol had a recursion depth of 9 calls .. after that they had to reboot it.. only tested it once though04:57
onefangDid some work experience at Darwin's government mainframe, they hired me during the school holidays to write input validation routines in COBOL.  The specs and code where simple, so I scripted that work, then played with their more interesting toys the rest of the time.05:00
onefang*then they hired me"05:00
rrqhmm but that means you'd whip together an ext4 api before eofy .. unless sidetracked by some party05:01
onefangI've got enough projects on my plate.  ;-P05:02
onefangWell that was a waste of half a day.  Turns out Isolinux was booting and chaining properly after all.  What wasn't working was the debugging stuff I had put in there so I knew it was going through isolinux first, and not just straight to the chained MBR.  lol07:28
onefangInstead of complaining about the missing debug module, it thought "screw this, just try the next boot MBR on the disk", which was the one I chain to anyway.07:32
onefangIt works!  Well, on my Asus and from USB.08:54
onefangThe 64 bit EFI version of the chain module is broken, but this is a pre release version of Syslinux & friends.  BIOS module works fine.  Naturally I can't just chain to the BIOS version from EFI to work around that.  lol08:56
onefangWhen booting in ISO mode, the BIOS version of chain is used, and you get a menu to show it booted in ISO mode, then you chain to BIOS mode.08:57
onefangWhen booting in U/EFI mode, you get straight to the main menu.08:57
onefangAs mentioned above, the menu title shows the boot mode, for testing.  Coz things like CSM might decide to boot into a different mode than you expected.09:00
onefangNaturally it's smaller than the official Refracta, coz it doesn't have GRUB2 as well as Isolinux.  Which is what fsmithred wanted.09:01
onefangThe extra directories might not be in the corerct place, I didn't test that.09:02
onefangNow running it on my Mac.  B-)09:11
onefangWARNING!  Don't run the included /syslinux/!  It will attempt to dd the resulting ISO over /dev/sdd.  It will also fail unless you have the SID versions of the Syslinux stuff unpacked in the correct place, Refracta unpacked into the correct place, etc.  It's only my test script, I'll make it better later.10:47
onefangStill wont fit on a CD.  lol10:54
onefangfsmithred: Did you try ?23:18
fsmithrednot yet23:21
fsmithreddownloading now23:22
fsmithred13MB/s wow!23:23
onefangMuch better speed than rrq got.  lol23:27
fsmithredI can't get it to boot in qemu23:28
fsmithredbios boot gives me a menu but doesn't boot, uefi doens't get to a menu23:28
fsmithredchecksum of primary and backup gpt header is valid, but values fail sanity check23:29
onefangxorrisofs leaves it in a state where you have to fix the size, in a way I haven't managed to automate yet.  Copy it to a USB, gparted it, cl/ick "fix".23:30
fsmithredok, I'm about to put it on usb23:31
onefangAll the partitioning tools have code to fix that, none of them let me do it from a script.  I'll point expect at it later.  Also not sure how to do that to the file before copying it to USB, or burning it to a DVD.23:33
onefangThough I'd prefer if xorriso just didn't leave things in a mess like that.  lol23:40
fsmithredI don't know it well enough to say what needs to be changed23:46
fsmithredAttempt Data Rescue, under Device??23:47
onefangFrom my research it's just that the secondary GPT header is in the wrong place.  Or something like that, I just woke up, haven't had brekky yet.23:48
fsmithredwell that's the closest thing to 'fix' I can find in gparted23:49
onefangSo I copy it to USB, and run gparted or parted or other partitioning tool on it, the tool complains about the size, and offers to fix or ignore.  So I have to manually tell it to fix.23:49
fsmithredgparted is not offering to fix anything23:50
onefang"Not all of the space available to /dev/sdd appears to be used, you can fix the GPT to use all of the space (an extra 29599680 blocks) or continue with the current setting?"23:50
onefangIs what gparted says, in a popup window with "Fix" "Ignore" buttons.  Also puts that message on the console, so I can copy paste in now.23:51
fsmithredI get that with parted23:52
onefang"GPT PMBR size mismatch (193963 != 31266815) will be corrected by w(rite)."  Is another of those messages.23:52
onefangAnd yeah, parted does something similar.23:53
fsmithreddo I need to tell parted to write to disk before I exit?23:53
fsmithredI'm not seeing that23:54
onefangIs that what you meant by "checksum of primary and backup gpt header is valid, but values fail sanity check"?23:54
fsmithredI don[t mean anyting by that - that was an error message23:54
onefangParted should offer "Fix/Ignore?" from memory.23:54
fsmithredyes, did that23:54
fsmithredprint shows that it changed23:55
onefangAh, some other tool complaining about the values of the GPT size then I guess.  lol23:55
fsmithredI can quit23:55
fsmithreddo I need to write to disk before I quit?23:55
fsmithredif so, where is that?23:55
onefangNah, the fix is in.  B-)23:55
onefangIf you told it to fix at the "Fix/Ignore?" prompt.23:56
fsmithredI quit and started it again to check23:56
onefangSo you don't get this problem when you run xorriso to make your ISOs?23:57
fsmithredthey just work23:59
fsmithredand this usb is now booting on the toshiba23:59
onefangHmmm, what am I doing wrong?23:59
fsmithreddidn't work on the thinkpad, but that one is really funky about booting23:59

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