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onefangOops, I wanted to be at this meeting to test my new headset, but every one else distracted me.00:29
golinuxbgstack151: Was going to look at the`code` styling but the url I have in history isn't working.06:07
golinuxI'll look at it tomorrow if you drop the URL here.06:07
onefangfsmithred:  Refracta Beta 5, ISOLinux + EFI.  It works running from USB, but my DVD writer is broken (haven't used it in years), so I've not tried running it from an optical disk.11:33
onefangIt has a "big" problem, the squashfs file has to be on the ISO9660 and the EFI partitions, coz I've not figured out how to get it to read that file from a different partition.  I suspect /live/filesystem.squashfs is hard coded into Refracta.11:34
fsmithredhehe... there was a refracta5 (5xx) long time ago11:35
fsmithredare you saying it's there twice?11:35
fsmithredit boots in qemu11:38
onefangShould boot from EFI and BIOS as well.11:39
fsmithrednot booting in qemu uefi11:42
fsmithredit's trying to do pxe11:42
onefangEFI is apparently implemented badly everywhere.  lol11:43
onefangIs it booting from a DVD on real hardware though?11:45
fsmithredI didn't burn one11:45
fsmithredI'll try on usb later (after the sun comes up and I can see what I'm doing.)11:45
onefangRunning from a DVD I can't test until I buy a new DVD writer.11:46
fsmithredif I try 32-bit uefi in qemu, I can get to the menu that lets me choose 'boot from file' but there are no files found11:46
onefangI also wasn't testing with qemu, nor 32 bit hardware.  Need more memory.  lol11:48
onefangI have a 486 laying around, but I don't think it does EFI.  lol11:48
fsmithredis it 32 or 64?11:50
fsmithredthis iso11:50
onefangEFI should handle both, but I didn't test 32 bit.  ISOLINUX would be 64 bit.  Refracta Beta 5 is 64 bit, Syslinux can't boot 64 bit kernels from the 32 bit bootloader, but can do the other way around.11:52
onefangWhich is why I was also testing with 32 bit Refracta Beta 2.11:53
onefangSo basically I'd expect that iso to only work on 64.11:55
onefangThe important test right now is booting it from a DVD on real hardware, BIOS and EFI.11:57
onefangIf there's some magic to tell Refracta to load it's squashfs file from some place other than /live/filesystem.squashfs on the partition it booted from, please let me know.  B-)12:01
fsmithredpossibly a live-boot or live-config option12:01
fsmithredbut I don't think there's a way to set the partition with that. Just a directory.12:02
onefang/Refacta64/filesystem.squashfs at least makes me happy to put it on Magic Pixie Dust.  B-)12:03
onefangI could perhaps do some evil chain hack to get it to boot on a different partition.12:05
onefangThat'll have to wait until I can burn DVDs though.12:06
fsmithredyeah, on usb is pretty easy12:06
onefangAny one else that happens to have a working DVD burner and a spare disk should feel free to test it as well please.12:11
onefangI'll be back soon.12:12
onefang/syslinux/ is the experimental script I'm using to build things.  Using the Syslinux version from sid.12:39
onefangfsmithred: The chain thing worked, down to just one copy of the squashfs file.  I'll do some more trimming, and add in the rest of the files on your ISO, then compare sizes.16:28
onefangBut first some sleep.16:28
onefangOh, still need someone to test it on a DVD.16:29

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