libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2020-06-18

fsmithredgnu_srs4, it appears that sleep for 1 second is enough when booting from dvd.00:02
onefangI copied the live directory from beta5 to my test USB stick, and the relevant syslinux menu entires.  Boots to desktop, didn't even need to log in.  Syslinux booted it fine from BIOS and EFI.00:53
onefangNext thing to do - isohybrid and isolinux.  Those might take a while, this was just the quick test.00:53
onefangBut first - brekky.  lol00:58
onefangWorked for beta2 32 bit as well.01:58
onefangfsmithred: I also added refracta-test-oblx_5.4bpo-20200428_1527.iso and dev1usb_2019-03-28 into the mix.02:57
fsmithredyou're just adding these to your usb and putting them in an existing boot menu?02:58
onefangYep, copying your menu entries.02:59
fsmithredsend me a tree of your boot files like the ones I sent you02:59
onefangAfter I get isolinux working, I was planning on sending you details so you can do it yourself.03:00
fsmithredis there a uefi version of the syslinux command?03:00
onefangMagic Pixie Dust version 2 will end up being 32+ operating systems on a fingernail, half of them Devuan variants.  lol03:00
onefangYes, I'm using the EFI version of syslinux.03:01
onefangFrom the SID syslinux-efi_6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-2_all.deb03:02
fsmithredok, I see there's a syslinux-efi package03:02
onefangI'm using both the 32 and 64 bit versions of that, and figuring out which we booted under in the syslinux.cfg files.  Though I don't have any 32 bit EFI computers to test it with.03:04
onefangIt works on my Mac Mini to.  B-)03:05
fsmithredthere are some old macbook pros that use 64-bit OS with 32-bit uefi bootloader03:08
onefangBasically though, /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI should be a copy of /usr/lib/SYSLINUX.EFI/efi64/syslinux.efi from that SID package, as well as having /EFI/BOOT/ldlinux.e64 from /usr/lib/syslinux/modules/efi64/ldlinux.e64 and your syslinux.cfg files.03:09
onefangAnd similar for the 32 bit varieties of those files.03:10
onefang/EFI/BOOT/SYSLX64.CFG and /EFI/BOOT/SYSLIA32.CFG will be read instead of syslinux.cfg if they are there, so there you can set your Syslinux path to the 64 or 32 bit COM32 directories as needed.03:12
onefangSyslinux can't handle loading 64 bit kernels from the 32 bit EFI.  64 bit EFI Syslinux can handle both though.03:13
onefangI also cater for those BIOSes that want to boot from the /EFI/MICROSOFT/BOOT directory, and a few other quirks.03:15
bgstack151Devuan meet today at 20:30 UTC. Pad is here:
onefangfsmithred: In one of those emails you sent me recently, for the xorriso command, you have "${isohybrid_opt}", is that something like "-isohybrid-mbr /usr/lib/syslinux/isohdpfx.bin"?  Or perhaps a GRUB equivalent?19:34
onefangI'm about ready to start experimenting with the ISOLINUX + EFI stuff.19:37
fsmithredyeah, isohdpfx.bin. Historically has three locations, so wherever it is it gets used.19:39
onefangCool, I can start my experimenting then.19:40
golinuxIt's meet time folks . . .22:28

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