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gnu_srs4fsmithred: How long delay did you need to fix the eudev problems in #483?16:13
gnu_srs4Problem with eudev and earlier versions of udev+sysvinit is that we don't have --notify-await option in start-stop-daemon.16:14
Evilhamfsmithred: someone rec'd a walkthrough of refracta installer:
LeePenJust finished the migration of git.d.o/devuan-packages to gitea/devuan.16:36
LeePenI have tried to weed cruft. I will present the list at the meet tomorrow, but if you think I have missed something that should be migrated, do say.16:37
LeePenGitLab repositories which have been migrated have gitea url added to description and are archived, so read-only.16:41
onefangI'm not understanding how to set the gitlab permissions on my old projects.  rrq suggested "check out devuan-packages/dbus as example", it says public, there is no source code or anything else.  I can't get mine to do that just by messing with the permissions.17:34
bgstack15Gitlab preserved issues, presentation attempt #2 is ready now!
onefangThe gitea version of my repos is done now at least.17:40
onefangAnd all the links to the old gitlab repos in the code are now also updated.  That helped to test pushing to the new repos.  B-)17:42
LeePenonefang: I have just discovered the GitLab archive setting. I am now setting that on all the devuan-packages/* that are migrated.17:49
LeePenJust updated to that if you want to look.17:50
onefangI was looking at that, but it wasn't what rrq told me to do, so I didn't.17:50
onefangOK, I'll do that.17:51
LeePenI realise that. I only recently found the archive option and suggested that to rrq as a better approach.17:51
onefang  and  are now migrated and archived.17:52
* onefang logs out of gitlab.d.o for the last time, unless we need to do something else to the old repos.17:53
LeePenA Red Letter day!17:55
onefangTomorrow will be another red letter day, if my new headset solves the "onefang's voice is too noisy in jitsi" problem.17:56
* onefang wonders if jitsi has an echo service for testing that sort of thing?17:57
gnu_srs4LeePen: If you want I could build eudev 3.2.7-7 fixing a ln bug and adding a short sleep (how long?) for start/restart in beowulf as well as build 3.2.9-7~beowulf1 for beowulf-proposed-updates.18:13
LeePengnu_srs4: Will 3.2.9-7 fix the short sleep issue?18:14
fsmithredgnu_srs4, I used 10 seconds, the guy who filed the bug used 1 sec, but he's on netboot and I'm on optical media.18:29
fsmithredI was thinking of trying a shorter time, like maybe 2 seconds, but I'm also waiting to see if I learn anything useful before I burn another dvd that will get put in the trash.18:29
onefangNo jitsi echo service. B-(18:36
onefangAh, opening up the same jitsi meeting in different tabs gives you a poor mans echo service.  lol18:40
fsmithredonefang, I do isohybrid and also multi-boot live-usb that's on a fat32 partition. I can send you email showing the file layouts I use, later today or tonight.18:40
onefangSure, thanks.  This is what you want EFI SYslinux / Isolinux to do?18:41
onefangI was about to ping you.  lol18:41
fsmithredyeah, right now the isos use isolinux for bios and grub for uefi18:41
fsmithredwould be nice to have them both use the same bootloader if possible18:42
onefangSend me the details, I'll see if I can get it to work.18:42
gnu_srs4LeePen: Yes, the plan was to introduce a sleep, dunno yet how long is needed!18:43
onefangIn case you didn't know, Grub invaders is a space invaders game built to be booted directly from Grub.18:43
fsmithredgnu_srs4, I can try a shorter time later today and let you know what happens18:43
fsmithredonefang, yes, I know that, and I was surprised to see that you got it to work with syslinux.18:44
gnu_srs4fsmithred: Nice :)18:44
onefangThe only problem with Grub invaders, and it didn't matter if I booted it from grub or syslinux, is it doesn't like my KVM.  I have to plug a keyboard in directly.  ror18:45
fsmithredgnu_srs4, if you have any educated guesses about how many second I should use, please speak up.18:45
LeePengnu_srs4: Then since you wanted 3.2.9 in beowulf, I would roll it and the sleep together in beowulf-proposed-updates.18:56
LeePenSince beowulf is now released I think that is the right way in for package updates.18:57
amesserLeePen: Regarding the gitea, i have migrated my personal repos. When updating a package, should I still push to gitlab or only to gitea?22:19
amesserWhat is about the devuan-packages, should i still push changes to gitlab or just wait for gitea to be ready?22:20
golinuxamesser: After rrq migrated www, I could not even view the old source on gitlab.22:33
amesserHmm, ok. I see, devuan packages are already "archieved" in gitlab.22:36
amesserSo I guess, no need to push the updates there anymore.22:36
LeePenamesser, just gitea.22:51
LeePenI doubt it will be long before we will swap the DNS over so it will be back to git.d.o, but with the new path.22:52
onefangI'll have to reconfigure my local repos to push to git.d.o and revert the link changes in my code then.  lol22:53
LeePenYes, I know. Sorry.22:53
LeePenThat is why I think we will change quite quickly: to minimise the number of changes that need to be made.22:54
onefangWell, at least I know now.22:54
LeePenNow the official repos have been migrated, I would have thought the DNS could be tomorrow.22:55
amesserFine. I'll just wait then until all has settled. I'm too busy with other stuff at the moment anyways.23:12
onefangfsmithred: which version of Syslinux are you using?23:12
fsmithredwhatever one is installed23:13
fsmithredbeowulf now23:13
fsmithredoh, I missed the -1 at the end. ceres has -223:15
onefang3:6.04~git20190206.bf6db5b4+dfsg1-2 (from sid / ceres) is the one that works the best for EFI.  Which is repeated over and over again in the Syslinux support forums.23:15
fsmithredI would guess that they are the same23:15
onefang-2 also works better than -1 according to my tests.23:16
onefangBut I haven't tested isolinux yet.23:16
fsmithredhuh. ok. you running it in beowulf?23:16
onefangMy experiments involve a script I wrote where I can install from the various versions by changing a variable at the top of the script.23:17
onefangThat includes stretch, stretch-backports, buster, sid, and the official Syslinux releases 6.03, 6.04-pre1, 6.04-pre2, 6.04-pre3, and self compiled from git head.23:18
onefangNid and bullseye have the same version, so I skipped bullseye.23:19
onefangEr Sid and bullseye.23:19
fsmithredsame version is backported to ascii, too23:19
fsmithreddon't bother with it23:19
onefangI did start running my tests from ASCII though.  I've not installed beowulf anywhere yet.  That'll be the next thing after I have tamed Syslinux.  B-)23:20
* onefang goes to download Refracta and notices a typo, you misspelled "current" in "***current stable***".23:27
onefangASCII is still stable Refracta?23:28
fsmithredyou want a beowulf they are in the testing folder23:32
fsmithredget beta5 if it's there, otherwise beta223:32
onefangbeta5 is there.23:33
onefangrefracta10-beta5_xfce_amd64-20200518_0033.iso but no i386 version.23:33
fsmithredyou need that?23:34
onefangMagic Pixie Dust generally prefers 32 bit versions of stuff, but for testing, a 64 bit version of Refracta is OK for now.23:35
fsmithredthanks. Fixed the spelling error.23:39
fsmithredI think you could use beta2. Shouldn't be much different.23:40
onefangWhich is why you said "otherwise beta2".  B-)23:41
onefangI have unlimited bandwidth these days, I'll grab the lot.23:43
fsmithrednote: login:passwords are root:root user:user23:47
fsmithredssh-server is running23:47
onefangI saw that already.23:47
fsmithredno root login, but user login with password23:47
onefangWell, I saw the passwords, not the bit about ssh.23:48
fsmithredmakes it useful but a little more dangerous23:48
onefangGetting them to boot under EFI using Syslinux is the important bit for me.  Logging in is entirely optional.  B-)23:48

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