libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2020-06-15

Centurion_DanLeePen, did you ever push the choose-mirror fix into beowulf?  Also  I tried the mini-iso and found that it no longer includes the virtio-storage module either in the iso or downloadable...05:14
LeePenCenturion_Dan: Yes, choose-mirror was updated so you can specify a custom mirror in expert mode.07:48
LeePenNo idea about the module though. Has Debian bumped the kernel ABI again? In which case the mini iso will need rebuilding.07:51
Centurion_DanLeePen: Funny, I sitll didn't get an option to enter my own mirror in expert mode.  I think the kernel ABI is ok because all the other modules seemed to be around - all seems a bit odd...10:44
LeePenIt is at the top of the Choose mirror country list.10:56
bgstack15oh, wow, i've never noticed how to enter my own mirror (outside of preseeding it). I'm going to have to try that on my next manual install.13:55

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