libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2020-06-12

ShorTiewicd-daemon doesn't want to play nice .. :/~13:50
ShorTie[....] Reloading system message bus config...Failed to open connection to "system" message bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory13:51
ShorTieinvoke-rc.d: initscript dbus, action "force-reload" failed.13:51
LeePenShorTie: Is this ceres?13:52
ShorTieno sir, arm64 beowulf13:52
ShorTieduring debootstrap if that matters13:55
LeePenRight, so not on a running system?13:56
LeePenYes, it probably does.13:56
LeePenI think you will need to debootstrap and then install wicd once the system is running.13:57
ShorTieok, Thankz14:09
parazydShorTie: You don't want it to actually start while you're debootstrapping. I think that's fine, and when you boot it'll be fine.14:13
parazydShorTie: Unless you want to work from a chroot. In this case you'll want to rbind /dev, /proc, and /sys14:13
ShorTieI am working in a chroot14:15
parazydYeah, then you need to tell the chroot about your host's interfaces.14:16
fsmithredand maybe /run/udev14:16
ShorTiejust using like regular mounts,  mount -v proc sdcard/proc -t proc14:16
parazydmount --rbind /dev /path/to/chroot/dev ; mount --rbind /sys /path/to/chroot/sys; mount -t proc /proc /path/to/chroot/proc14:17
ShorTieTrying to add lxde, about triples the size of the image14:18
ShorTiemight just turn it into a included script for installation, lot less for me to upload .. :/~14:20
* ShorTie will look/try adding --rbind though14:23
ShorTieThankz Guys14:23
* ShorTie Thinkz, Also got some libpolkit-backend-elogind-1-0:arm64: dependency problems
LeePenWhat are you trying to achieve?15:10
LeePenShorTie: There is nothing particularly unexpected there: you are installing consolekit so it removes elogind as they conflict with each other.15:13
LeePenYou can't have both.15:13
ShorTieguess i was wondering if i needed logind, as it's not installed is all15:17
LeePenlogind is a virtual package provided by libpam-elogind.15:20
ShorTieachieve?, just trying to add lxde to my image, Playing15:20
LeePenIf you have libpam-elogind installed then you have logind installed and you will need it.15:21
LeePenYou will need logind for lxde AFAIK.15:21
fsmithredwhat's trying to pull in consolekit? I use lxdm with elogind (and xfce)15:21
ShorTielxde is pulling in consolekit15:24
fsmithredadd --no-install-recommends15:26
fsmithredthat removes consolekit from the list here15:26
fsmithredyou'll probably want to add some of the packages that get excluded15:27
ShorTielol, actually trying that now to see what happens15:27
ShorTiealso i found i need to install the kernel first too...15:29
ShorTieas lxde pulls in raspberrypi-bootloader15:30
fsmithredyou may run into other polkit issues with lxde.15:32
fsmithredcheck on the forum - someone has posted about getting it working15:32
fsmithredwe excluded it from the installer isos in ascii because we couldn't get it right15:32
ShorTielxpolkit is actually coming from, not like libpolkit-backend/gobject-consolekit15:39
ShorTiewell see how that works, lol.15:39
ShorTiei did install this stuff once after 1st boot via ssh, and it booted up to a nice workin desktop15:40
ShorTiethat is why i'm playing to add it into a image15:41
fsmithredshould work out ok, even if all the polkit stuff isn't perfect. There are ways around it.15:45
fsmithredI use openbox, lxpanel, lxterminal and sudo shutdown on some systems.15:46
fsmithredpmount and spacefm for mounting removables15:46
ShorTiea desktop is all about video, imho, so i'm trying to install this like the foundation does for best preformance15:55
ShorTiehopefully, lol.15:55
ShorTiegstreamer1.0-x does pull in the raspberrypi-kernel, so sortta sounds special to them16:04

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