libera/#devuan-dev/ Friday, 2020-06-05

rrqnote: gitea has difficulties with its mailing .. I've activated accounts manually00:41
golinuxThanks, rrq00:53
yetiDescription must contain at most 255 characters.00:53
yetiand away is what was written00:53
yetididnt notice that in gitea before because I typically let it empty00:54
yetiok... was transferred by C&P00:54
yetiso no big loss...00:54
yetibut it 1st accepts it and kills it on "update profile"00:54
yetiok... no bio then... :-Þ00:55
adam_free2airRe: meeting last night. I contacted Manuela for the 2019 financial statement suitable for publication (with some personal details taken out). When Manuela replies, who should I send this to? AdVanceThanks.13:49

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