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golinuxLet me try something . . . probably won't work00:01
golinuxDidn't work00:06
LeePenDoes anybody have a laptop with beowulf xfce4 on?10:47
LeePenTrying to work out what is going on in
rrqLID0 ? I have LID11:13
rrqI have this other laptop I can play with ...11:57
rrqso it needs xfce4-power-manager ?11:58
LeePenThanks. I don't have any laptop harware.11:58
LeePenYes, does the lid switch work correctly with vanilla beowulf xfce4-power-manager?11:59
rrqanything else "special"?11:59
LeePenNo that she has mentioned. elogind system, correct policykit-1 AFAICS.11:59
fsmithredI'd like to know how she got it to work in ascii12:00
LeePenFeel free to ask her!12:00
rrqok. doesn't suspend12:01
rrq /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state = closed12:02
LeePenSo does that mean the kernel end is working correctly, but xfce4-power-manager is not responding?12:10
rrq"xfce4-power-manager -q" renders a trap in syslog?12:10
rrqtraps: xfce4-power-man[26936] trap int3 ip:7efe4379fc75 sp:7ffd39d06b40 error:0 in[7efe43767000+7e000]12:10
rrqhmm now it of course runs as an unprivileged user12:14
rrqrunning in foreground -- debug doesn't say anything when lid is closed/opened12:15
rrqthe messages before doesn't mention lid12:16
LeePenYes, that is what I saw in her debug trace too.12:19
fsmithredwhat's the deal with empty /etc/network/interfaces in chimaera? We don't need lo anymore?18:01
LeePenI have ceres up at the moment and it contains lo.18:02
fsmithreddid a debootstrap of chimaera yesterday18:03
LeePendpkg can't tell me which package it beongs to!!!18:03
fsmithredneither can apt-file18:04
fsmithredit finds it in switchconf in the examples18:05
fsmithredyeah, was just looking at ifupdown18:10
fsmithredit's installed18:11
LeePenBut that just removes an old dummy version.18:11
LeePenI still can't find where one is created!!!18:11
LeePenIt is ifupdown.postinst.18:12
LeePenThere is a comment about it:18:12
LeePen# We don't need loopback interface definition anymore as18:12
LeePen  # ifupdown handles loopback interface on its own from now18:12
fsmithredo k18:13
LeePenThe same version if ifupdown is in beowulf, so I hope it is right!18:13
fsmithredwell, the system works18:13
LeePenGreat and  to answer your original question, no apparently we don't need lo there anymore!18:14
fsmithredI need a line for eth0 or something else18:14
fsmithredguess I should try some gui network manager18:15
LeePenGet typing ;)18:15
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golinux_You are here: Home / News / Devuan Beowulf 3.0 is the Latest Stable Release Based on Debian 10.4 Buster (and Free From systemd)18:16
golinux_Devuan Beowulf 3.0 is the Latest Stable Release Based on Debian 10.4 Buster (and Free From systemd)18:16
golinux_Oop s. . . funky c/p18:16
golinux_Are we really based on 10.4?18:16
fsmithredyeah, that's what is current18:16
LeePenI think so.18:16
LeePenThat is current buster18:17
golinux_Poor Donnager gonna be frustrated18:17
LeePenWho? Why?18:17
fsmithredand all the isos were built in the last few days, so they are current18:17
golinux_OK.  Ithought we had an older version that would be upgraed in the point release18:18
LeePenNo we kept up.18:18
golinux_LeePen: donnager is trying to quiet me for posting those lines accidentally18:18
LeePenIt means that debian had a chance to fix some of their bugs for us before we released ;)18:18
golinux_I missed that memo.18:19
golinux_Just didn't want info out there that wasn't correct.18:19
LeePenNo its right, that is why I had to update the mini.isos last week, because the kernel ABI was bumped.18:20
fsmithredwicd won't install in chimaera18:28
fsmithredno more python-gtk218:29
bgstack15the time has come...18:29
bgstack15oh boy. I love wicd.18:29
fsmithredI've been happy with it18:29
fsmithredand I have an ancient hate for network-manager, but I'm willing to let that go. It was 12 years ago.18:30
adam_free2airfsmithred: i see your hate and raise you another experience about 4 years ago with nm and d-bus18:31
fsmithredconnman will install, but it seems very small.18:31
adam_free2airnm, d-bus on arm minibian
LeePenThere is a python3 version of wicd in debian experimental.18:39
LeePenBut never made it further than that.18:39
fsmithredI'm trying n-m18:39
LeePenI should remove it from chimaera, I suppose.18:39
LeePenWe will need an alternative.18:40
fsmithredwell, I'm motivated by wanting to start using a vpn18:40
LeePenRemoved wicd from chimaera.18:44
LeePenLet's take a moment.18:44
golinux_Noooooo !!!!!18:45
fsmithredit was broken beyond repair18:46
LeePenconnman seems to do vpn too.18:49
bgstack15I've been meaning to try out connman but I haven't had any mobile Devuan boxes that I consider "throwaway" enough to gamble on it.19:42
fsmithredbgstack15, I just made a live-iso that has connman. I'll upload it somewhere.22:06
bgstack15sweet, i'll try it.22:11
bgstack15just for my information, is this beowulf, or ceres?22:11
fsmithredI'm gonna make a new one. Neither.22:11
fsmithredI just added some logout commands and something else that I already forgot.22:12
fsmithredoh yeah22:12
fsmithredit'll say Devuan in the boot menu22:12
fsmithredbgstack15, link is in pad, upload will be finished in a few minutes22:32
fsmithredwas gonna say 15 but it just changed to 322:33
LeePenCan anybody connect to jitsi?22:33
golinuxAnybody coming22:34
golinuxWe're there22:34
LeePenCan't connect22:34
rrqyes can22:37
golinuxLeePen: reboot and try22:50
LeePenStill trying.23:09
LeePenNope, can't connect to
LeePenSorry to miss you all.23:22
* golinux sheds a tear23:27
fsmithredsimple-netaid is the name I couldn't remember23:41

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