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* ShorTie don't get, I: Unpacking libsystemd0:arm64...12:18
fsmithredShorTie, you can replace it with libelogind012:48
fsmithredassuming you're in beowulf12:48
fsmithredhow can I force eudev to detect my hardware?15:52
LeePenudevadm trigger or settle?15:54
fsmithredone would think15:55
fsmithredI've tried that a few different ways15:55
fsmithredalso udevadm control -R15:55
LeePengnu_srs1: ^^^^?15:56
fsmithredsound, wireless, and a bunch of other modules are not getting loaded at boot15:57
fsmithredbut only when booting live-DVD, not live-usb.15:57
LeePeneudev is still rather a mystery to me.15:59
ShorTiei have had to add a sleep for eudev to find all the nic's16:10
ShorTiei know your not suppose to have too....16:10
ShorTiebut it twas the only way for me .. :/~16:11
ShorTiethink it depends on the number of subprocess that need started16:12
fsmithredadded it where?16:14
fsmithredI tried that in one place, but it didn't help.16:14
ShorTieudevadm trigger, udevadm settle and then sleep 416:16
ShorTieinitial startup16:17
ShorTieeven threw a 'udevadm trigger --type=subsystems --action=change' before settle16:18
ShorTiei'd need to see your init, for placement help16:19
fsmithredyou did this in /etc/init.d/eudev?16:20
ShorTiethis on SmoothWall-pi which has it's own stuff16:20
ShorTiebut let me look at that16:21
fsmithredwhich file?16:21
ShorTielookin for where udevadm settle is16:26
ShorTietry in /etc/init.d/eudev like line 22816:30
ShorTieor have you ??16:30
fsmithredthere's a sleep 15 right before it16:30
fsmithredI'm looking in less, so I don't see the line numbers16:30
fsmithredoh, the sleep is conditional16:31
ShorTieat the end of start)16:31
ShorTieright before the ;;16:32
ShorTiesleep 15 is kinda long16:32
fsmithredthat only happens if start-stop-daemon fails16:33
ShorTiesortta like this16:38
ShorTielog_end_msg $?16:38
ShorTie    fi16:38
ShorTie    echo "Sleepy 4 udev"16:38
ShorTie    sleep 416:38
ShorTie    ;;16:38
fsmithredat the end of start?16:39
ShorTiethe echo is because i'm preaty vocal about what going on16:40
ShorTieyes sir16:40
fsmithredwhy not at the beginning of start?16:40
fsmithredor before udevadm anyway16:40
fsmithredlooks like there's a bunch of mounting going on before that16:40
ShorTieyour trying to add extra time for eudev to settle out16:40
ShorTiebefore that really won't help i don't think16:41
fsmithredok, but everything is slow because it's reading from dvd16:41
fsmithredand if I boot the live system to ram, the problem doesn't exist16:41
fsmithredit reads the whole dvd into ram and then reads from ram to start stuff16:42
ShorTieSorry, you got me on all that, i play arm16:44
ShorTiejust dump to sdcard and go...16:44
fsmithredI am tempted to rename the .iso to .img and tell people they are usb images16:44
ShorTieworth a try maybe though16:45
ShorTiepersonally, i think iso are dead16:45
fsmithredme too, but some users disagree16:45
ShorTiereally, who uses dvd's any more16:46
ShorTieonly problem with just renaming, maybe, you got the whole iso file system thing16:48
fsmithredI'm not going to do that.16:49
fsmithredthey are isohybrid, so they would work, but it's not a real disk image.16:49
ShorTiei'm working on creation of a sdcard image for p4-6417:02
ShorTieguess peeps don't like debootstrap'n17:02
ShorTieworkin on using UUID in fstab, so it des not matter what you write it too17:05
fsmithredlot of people asking about pi4 images17:07
fsmithredthere's some code for using uuid in fstab in refractainstaller17:08
ShorTiemainline kernel doesn't really work on a pi17:11
ShorTieit does but not fully17:12
ShorTiei just had to get it out of the loop device is all17:13
fsmithredI need to go. bbl.17:13
ShorTiethen stick in fstab17:13
ShorTieok, have a great day17:13
fsmithredblkid -s UUID <device>17:14
fsmithredthen you gotta remember to remove the quotes before you put it in fstab17:14

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