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rrqfsmithred: you remember the installer isos have the "magic touch" script as way of dealing with some boot races.. have you tried that on the live isos?01:12
fsmithredwhere is the script?01:12
rrqactual script is hosted at
rrqit's invocked from somwhere... (testing my memory here)01:14
rrq -k +e01:14
fsmithredit runs check-missing01:15
fsmithredwhich isn't in the live isos01:15
fsmithredunless that's a normal startup script01:15
rrqright... actully, magic-touch edits that script so that script doesn't remember its previous run; it's a "normal" installer script01:18
rrqI don't rememebr the reason, but it's instead of editing the source udeb01:19
rrq(if you manage to sort out what "it" refers to in those you are good :))01:21
fsmithredwhen during boot do modules get loaded?01:22
rrqthe first is from the initrd's /etc/modules and individualy by its init hook scripts01:23
rrqafter pivot it'd be kmod I think01:25
rrqeg /etc/rcS.d/S09kmod01:26
rrqif you neeed them early you'll name them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and rebuild initrd01:28
rrqthat'd then be roughly /usr/share/initramfs-tools/init:22601:30
fsmithredok, first thing I'm gonna do is boot without 'quiet'01:37
rrqwhat? doesn't seeing all that booting activity scare you?01:45
fsmithredI always get rid of quiet. It's the default in Refracta isos.01:45
fsmithredI do find it annoying to get kernel messages in the console when I'm trying to log in01:46
fsmithredbut mostly I just boot to desktop, so it doesn't matter01:46
fsmithredok, where does "Loading essential drivers" get logged? I can't find it.01:47
rrqah.. you might want to start with console=ttyS001:48
rrqor is this bare-metal?01:49
fsmithredbare metal01:49
fsmithredfrom dvd01:49
rrqmmm so you should see all the logs then ...01:50
rrqfirst one would be from line 30 "Loading, please wait..." .. if we have the same init01:53
fsmithredI'm gonna compare dmesg output between regular boot and boot to ram01:57
rrqso what's the difference between those for a live DVD ?02:22
rrqin partuclar, what does "regular boot" do if not to ram ?02:26
rrqah.. it's the root FS that's copied to RAM .. so different timings post pivot02:34
fsmithredyeah, it copies filesystem.squashfs to ram02:45
fsmithredand then anything you run gets read from that ram02:45
fsmithredinstead of from the dvd02:45
fsmithredtakes a long time to boot, but then everything is fast02:45
fsmithredThis is regular boot:02:55
fsmithred[    8.648784] ISO 9660 Extensions: RRIP_1991A02:55
fsmithred[    8.729654] loop: module loaded02:55
fsmithred[   11.232463] squashfs: version 4.0 (2009/01/31) Phillip Lougher02:55
fsmithred[   38.727140] udevd[765]: starting version 3.2.702:55
fsmithredThis is boot to ram. They are the same except for the extra time to load to ram:02:56
fsmithred[    8.704459] ISO 9660 Extensions: RRIP_1991A02:56
fsmithred[  162.978195] loop: module loaded02:56
fsmithred[  163.112485] squashfs: version 4.0 (2009/01/31) Phillip Lougher02:56
fsmithred[  170.000048] udevd[790]: starting version 3.2.702:56
fsmithredafter that point, a whole lot more happens in the boot to ram than in the regular.02:56
fsmithredincluding snd02:56
rrqso I guess /dev/loop0 is either to /dev/ram0/fs.squashfs or /dev/sr0/fs.squashfs or something03:02
fsmithredthis: /dev/loop0      776M  776M     0 100% /run/live/rootfs/filesystem.squashfs03:04
rrqright.. and readlink -f of that?03:10
fsmithredjust gives the same path03:17
rrqmmm would be different mount then.. as /run/live probably ?03:39
golinuxI have just outlined a rough draft for the Beowulf release announcement here:08:13
golinuxThere are some content questions and empty spaces that need to be filled.08:14
golinuxPlease post all comments below the ===============  They will be included as appropriate after review and discussion.08:16
HumanG33kdo you know if you (devuan) have make change on perl/apt/dpkg stuff ?11:48
HumanG33kbecause when i try to install fusiondirectory from their repository (stretch one no new for now) the connfiguration is stuck on that line11:49
HumanG33k : /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/shar^Cdebconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/info/fusiondirectory.postinst configure 1.3-111:49
HumanG33kbut the package work11:50
LeePenHumanG33k: we forked apt a few weeks ago.11:50
LeePenWhich suite are you using?11:51
HumanG33kDevuan GNU/Linux 3 (beowulf) x86_64 LeePen12:00
LeePenNo then. Our forked apt is in ceres and chimaera only.12:00
HumanG33kYou really have to fork apt ?12:01
HumanG33kthey use some systemd stuff in in now ?12:02
LeePenYes, it Debian's version depends on libsystemd0 :(12:05
Unit193Which libelogind0 provides, I see.12:38
LeePenUnit193: yes. However, we feel the idea is for the packaging system to be as lean as possible.12:41
Unit193LeePen: Sure, I just wondered why it wasn't being pulled back on my unstable system is all.12:41
Unit193libsystemd0, since of course I have apt.12:45
amesserLeePen: Did I do something wrong when triggering the apt build yesterday or was it an issue with the build system?14:15
HumanG33kLeePen, i feel like their poll about init system was mainly a communication one …14:32
LeePenamesser: it was the build system.14:34
LeePenI re-ran the failures. Hope that was OK?14:35
fsmithredHow can I turn off multi-threading during boot?22:26
fsmithred"during boot" I mean disabled for boot - I expect I'll have to do something before reboot (or before building the live-iso).22:27
masonfsmithred: I'm not sure the best way to hook a script into your initramfs, but I'd look for a place to do it there, and do something vaguely like what they describe at
fsmithredI think there's someplace to remove or change the word, CONCURRENT, but I can't remember where that is.22:32
masonfsmithred: Do you mean concurrent service start-up, as opposed to hyperthreading?22:33
fsmithredI want to un-clog my pipes22:34
masonfsmithred: So, in /etc/init.d/README at the end there's a pointer to /usr/share/doc/insserv/README.Debian after some verbiage saying "More information on the format is available from insserv(8).  This information is used to dynamicaly assign sequence numbers to the boot scripts and to run the scripts in parallel during the boot."22:36
masonNothing immediately obvious there, but I'll find something.22:36
fsmithredthanks, I'm reading22:37
masonhrm, CONCURRENCY=makefile in /etc/init.d/rc22:39
masonfsmithred: So, looks like you'd want to set CONCURRENCY=none in there22:39
masonor touch /etc/init.d/.legacy-bootordering from the look of it22:39
masonThat might be the easiest answer.22:39
masonscript looks for that, and sets CONCURRENCY="none" if it sees it22:40
fsmithredthat sounds like the right thing to do22:40
masonNote that I haven't tested it, but it sure does sound right.22:40
fsmithredI'm gonna test it now22:40
masonI'll re-coffee for luck.22:43
fsmithredmaking the iso now22:47
fsmithredthen I have to burn22:47
fsmithredthen I can boot it22:47
masonfsmithred: In a spiritually similar move, I ended up having to make a new pot of coffee so there'd be some to pour.22:57
masonI'm also, in parallel news, thinking that I'm slowing things down looking at how to mutate TWiki so it can run in parallel under one browser instance. I'm thinking it might be better just leaving it in default form and running multiple instances through LXC or similar, maybe with nginx instead of Apache to keep it light-weight. TWiki for Devuan certainly won't need the parallel installs that I need for23:00
masonmy own stuff.23:01
masonPlus, any changes I make that deviate from vanilla will just make it harder to upgrade.23:02
fsmithredgood point23:07
fsmithredI like being able to take defaults23:07
fsmithredlaziness is an admirable quality when applied correctly23:08
fsmithredwell, that didn't fix it23:21
masonDid it definitely run things serially?23:22
golinuxDevuan uses nginx so best to get used to that.23:28
masonEh, Apache's still far more common. But sure.23:30
fsmithrednot sure if it really ran things serially23:41
fsmithreddid not make a difference23:41
masonHrm. :/23:42
fsmithredactually, the first part of booting seemed to go faster23:42
fsmithredup to the point of running all the live-config scripts, then it took a long time for the desktop to come up23:42
fsmithredbut it does that either way - that's just slow DVD23:43

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