libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2020-05-14

LeePenJust added some information on updating pbuilder chroots and pbuilder hooks to the new maintainers guide.12:31
LeePenHave a new fork of pdns-recursor done.12:34
LeePenReinstated initscript and cleaned up a few issues.12:34
LeePenWill build for unstable to close #439.12:35
ShorTiewhat would i need to do to add some packages to beowulf ??15:34
ShorTiemaybe like how it is done in ascii with raspi15:35
ShorTieit would be a trifecta of packages actually15:39
ShorTielinux of course, linux-image-p4-64, which is built from a specific commit15:43
fsmithredShorTie, do you know about the arm forum?15:45
ShorTiepi4-64-bootloader for the fixup/start files, cmdline.txt, modified config.txt and stuff ??15:45
ShorTienot really15:46
fsmithredarm images are a community project now15:46
fsmithredif you have arm packages you want to share, start with putting them at - clone the raspi, make a branch to do your changes, let everyone know15:47
ShorTieso bring it up in there i guess15:47
fsmithredyou'll get more response there15:47
fsmithredand participation if you want15:47
ShorTiethink i tried to git clone, but wanted login15:48
fsmithredyeah, you need to have an account to create a repo15:49
fsmithredthere's no official procedure for getting a package into the repo, but it's not impossible for it to happen15:49
ShorTieclone the raspi ??15:49
fsmithredyeah, it's best to clone the upstream git so the full history is intact15:50
ShorTieraspi is diferent ??15:51
fsmithredthat raspi project is just kernel or is it an entire OS image?15:51
fsmithredok, I'm confused15:51
ShorTiedoing just p4 arm6415:51
fsmithredwhat do you want to accomplish?15:51
ShorTiedebootstrap a p4 with Devuan arm6415:52
ShorTieusing the foundation linux sources15:53
ShorTieas they are the only 1 that works right15:53
ShorTie'that raspi project' is just the kernel, like linux-sunxi15:54
fsmithredthat would require having everything you need in devuan repository15:54
fsmithredI don't know much about arm. Talk to the people in the forum. I know there are plenty of requests for a pi4 image.15:56
ShorTiei made up the debian folder for each, i build with dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b15:56
ShorTieis that correct ??15:56
fsmithredyeah, to build for yourself. I ususally use -us -uc -b15:57
fsmithredHere's the new packaging guide (not complete yet)
ShorTieSweet, Thankz16:07
ShorTiei'll join the forums and do some reading .. :/~16:08
ShorTiestill gotta do up the vcgencmd16:08
ShorTie gives 404 not found16:17
ShorTiewhelp, isn't workin for me .. :(~16:20
masonfsmithred: So, I don't see any automated way to sign up for an account on What's the procedure?16:34
masonThe page says to ask here, and that's as much as I've found so far.16:34
fsmithredtalk to golinux - I don't know how to do it16:36
masonkk - worst case, I'll ask at the meeting later16:36
ShorTieask how to sign up for me 2 Pleaze16:39
fsmithredwill do16:43
fsmithredI'll find out how to do it16:43
ShorTiei joined #d1g-users and asked like it says in that post16:53
masonShorTie: Oh, where'd you see #d1g-users?16:53
ShorTieyou click on the i can't register link, instead of register16:54
ShorTietakes you to there16:55
masonOh, the forums. I was thinking d1g meant devuan-git :P16:55
ShorTieno, it's on here, #d1g-users16:56
masonRight, but it's a group for the forum, not for git, is what I'm saying. At least, that's my assumption since the page that linked it is talking about signing up for fourms.16:56
ShorTiethey both might use the same databass16:57
ShorTiei would, lol.16:58
ShorTierrq is checking17:11
rrqthe forum and the git store are completely different17:19
golinuxmason: Don't you already have an account?19:43
* golinux goes to check19:43
golinuxSeems not.19:44
golinuxSince the spam hunter is "retiring", git registration is now by request only.19:46
golinuxThe ratio of incoming spam to legitimate users made this decision a no brainer.19:47
masonThat's not surprising.20:06
masonPretty reasonable in any event.20:06
ShorTiecan i request a login Pleaze ??21:45
rrqShorTie: you got it sorted with gitlab?22:27
masonShorTie: Self-registration should be open now.23:29
mason(and that's been changed now to a new random password)23:33
ShorTieno luck for gitlab yet23:50
rrq.. the door is open23:58

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