libera/#devuan-dev/ Monday, 2020-05-11

jawHi, we've started mirroring Devuan at the Open Computing Facility at (http/https/ftp) and (rsync)02:01
jawCan you add us to the mirrors list? Thanks!02:01
onefangI just got back from the chemist, so I'll get to adding your mirror soon.  We need some more details.  I'm guessing that's in USA?02:06
jawNo worries. It's in Berkeley, CA, USA02:09
onefangWhat is your available bandwidth?  How do you update it, and how often?  How much disk space?  Is it a package mirror, ISO file mirror, or both?02:10
jawWe have a 1Gbps uplink, it's updated via rsync using the options --delete -raX every four hours, we have 8TB on our mirrors server, and for now it's only the ISOs02:17
onefangAh for being added to the list of ISO mirrors on the web site, I think that's a job for golinux.  I mainly deal with the package mirrors for now.02:19
jawNow that I look at it, we can probably mirror the packages too actually, and move the ISOs to devuan-cd02:21
jawso maybe hold off for now?02:22
onefangSounds like you would make a great package mirror.02:22
onefangSure, I'll hold off.02:22
onefangI need to go take my new eye drops now anyway.  lol02:22
jawlol, good luck02:22
fsmithredfirst package mirror in US?02:25
onefangNot yet, but it will be.02:31
onefangSo a well connected university site will be great.02:32
golinuxJust send me the iso mirror info when you have it.  This is good news indeed!03:07
onefangWill do.03:08
g4570nHi, are you aware that the d-i kernel version is not updated? It is: 4.19.0-8-amd64, and it should be: 4.19.0-9-amd64.05:04
LeePengnu_srs1: I don't see a problem with that.07:47
g4570nLeePen: I am in contact with the developer of Etertics/GobMis and since May 8 he is having a problem when he generates the ISO and wants to install in live mode, he gets a warning saying that the kernels are not compatible17:20
LeePeng4570n: Thanks. Yes I was looking at that this morning. The kernel in buster has been updated.17:22
LeePenI am not sure it matters for the regular/mini isos.17:23
LeePenClearly it does for the live.17:23
LeePenfsmithred: Are you able to do a new live-iso build?17:24
g4570napparently the one that is outdated is the d-i kernel17:28
g4570nKernel live mode: 4.19.0-9-amd6417:28
g4570nKernel installer (d-i): 4.19.0-8-amd6417:28
g4570nthis problem happens to him every so often, when in upstream they update the kernel version17:37
fsmithredkernel is not an issue with the live isos - the kernel in the live system is the one that gets installed.17:47
fsmithredand current kernel in live-isos is 4.19.0-917:47
fsmithredthe isos I uploaded last night17:48
g4570nfsmithred: OK, I'm going to tell him to try generating a new ISO.17:53
fsmithredwhat I do has nothing to do with making isos that use debian-installer17:53
fsmithredI thinik the installer needs to be rebuilt when the kernel changes17:54
g4570nfsmithred: yes, that is17:55
g4570nby what name does d-i appear in Jenkis? To pass the link to him and see when the package is regenerated18:01
fsmithredg4570n, installer-$ARCH
g4570nThanks fsmithred. Here I can see when the package is regenerating too, or am I wrong?
LeePeng4570n: I am confused. Whose iso is he using?19:21
g4570nLeePen: he generates an ISO using Devuan as a base19:22
LeePenSo I think that means he has to regenerate his own iso.19:24
LeePend-i isn't a single thing in Devuan, it is the current pool which is up to date.19:24
LeePenOr am I still misunderstanding?19:25
g4570nLeePen: "+fsmithred | I thinik the installer needs to be rebuilt when the kernel changes"19:32
g4570n"kernel-image-4.19.0-8-amd64-di 4.19.98-1 amd64"19:32
g4570nshouldbe 4.19.0-9-amd6419:32
LeePenThanks. I accept that. That is for Devuan mini.iso and netboot build. Is that what he is using?19:37
LeePenI have triggered a new build for beowulf.19:39
g4570nLeePen: he still uses live-build for that. And thanks you :)19:43

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