libera/#devuan-dev/ Thursday, 2020-04-30

rrqfsmithred: wants to use a desktop live iso I think...04:41
onefangmason: The meeting pad link should be posted here as well as the mailing list.
masononefang: Good call. It's that link you just mentioned. Thanks for the reminder, I clearly forgot.05:28
masonI'm still hoping my work meeting is cancelled tomorrow.05:29
onefangI'm not sure if I'll be awake then.05:29
onefangI'm awake, and trying out the Android Jitsi app from F-Droid.22:18
masononefang: It works pretty well. My wife uses it with our sons.22:18
onefangI hope it doesn't drain the battery too quick.22:19
onefangAlso, such a small screen, I might have to take my glasses off and peer at it it closely, giving everyone a severe closeup of my forehead.  lol22:19
onefangSoooo, at this time of morning my main desktop is busy backing up databases, which I thought might be what was causing my Jitsi problems in earlier meetings.  So this time I tried using my Android phone, and earbuds instead of the old headphones I used in the past.23:55
onefangJust before Easter we upgraded from ADSL2+ to FTTC (Fibre To The Curb), and a better WiFi.  At this early in the morning I don't expect the rest of the house to be watching Netflix.  And as a bonus, my phone can use the faster WiFi frequencies that no other WiFis nearby are using, so should be generally better networking.23:57
onefangBut, you are still complaining about "noisy feedback".  lol23:57
onefangWhat exactly does it sound like?23:58
onefangBTW, I turned on low bandwidth mode, which turns off all the video.  Sound quality from most of you wasn't good with or without that.23:58

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