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onefangI'm about to update or create a new PGP key.  My old one is truly ancient, and was never really used.  The main email address on it is obsolete.  It did have the advantage of having been signed by some well known people.14:58
onefangDo we have any best practices?  My PGP knowledge is about as old as that key.  lol14:58
onefang2004, it's older than I thought.  lol15:13
fsmithred4096 RSA15:27
fsmithredsign it with your old key to keep the web of trust intact15:28
fsmithredyou can edit a key to change the email address15:28
onefangCool, thanks.15:29
fsmithredI need to find out how to get the key to do encrypted email. In the past, I don't recall having to do anything special for that. But current key only does signing.15:30
onefangI'm using NeoMutt these days, it says it supports that sort of thing.  I'l find out sooner or later.15:31
fsmithredyeah, the problem isn't the mail client, it's the key15:31
fsmithredanother recommended practice is to have one key that you only use to sign subkeys, and you keep the main key locked away in a safe place.15:34
fsmithredalong with your revocation certificates15:35
bgstack15I am finally getting around to trying a local debuild of lightdm with the applied workarounds18:51
bgstack15Two lightdm results found:
bgstack15So I just grabbed the salsa one...18:52
LeePenI would start from
bgstack15That one's 5 years old; shall I try to merge in everything from salsa, or how shall I proceed?19:09
LeePenIt is very out of date, so merge current Debian unstable/testing: 1.26.0-719:10
bgstack15also quilt is being quite the pain...19:10
LeePenIn what way?19:12
bgstack15After "quilt pop -a" and make a new patch with quilt new 99_devuanize.patch, quilt edit the files, quilt refresh,19:13
bgstack15quilt push -a (reverse the push and pops here)19:13
bgstack15and then try to debuild, I get a fuzz error19:14
bgstack15dpkg-source: info: if patch '99_devuanize.patch' is correctly applied by quilt, use 'quilt refresh' to update it19:14
bgstack15dpkg-source: error: LC_ALL=C patch -t -F 0 -N -p1 -u -V never -E -b -B .pc/99_devuanize.patch/ --reject-file=- < lightdm.orig.KRwRpa/debian/patches/99_devuanize.patch subprocess returned exit status 119:14
bgstack15dpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-source -b . subprocess returned exit status 219:14
bgstack15it's probably related to the fact that patch 05_debianize-pam.patch edits the same two files... but I wrote my patch for after 05_debianize in the series.19:15
LeePenHave you updated to current Debian yet?19:15
LeePenI would do that first and do the patching right at the end.19:16
bgstack15That was on a fresh branch from branch debian/master19:17
LeePenAlso it is worth setting up git-buildpackage and pbuilder.19:17
LeePenThat is the way jenkins does the final builds and it keeps your tree clean.19:17
bgstack15I know extremely little about how Debian packages are actually built, so I'm going to have to learn about these new terms.19:18
LeePenI was thinking of writing a devuan packaging guide. Maybe you could be the target tester?19:19
LeePenThere are lots of ways to build. debuild, sbuild, pbuilder buildd or just ./debian/rules.19:20
bgstack15I know debuild.19:20
LeePengit-buildpackage ensures the tree is clean with no extraneous patches.19:20
LeePenAnd it is what our jenkins pipeline uses, so it will be bets to learn that.19:21
LeePenI'll get something outlined this evening.19:21
bgstack15but a lower-level question that is hopefully within my current ability to understand the answer:19:22
LeePenMaybe have a read of this.
bgstack15the above link for lightdm, has only 4 commits total, and not even on top of the then-current debian branch. Did you want me to git rebase to get those four commits on top of the current debian/master branch from salsa?19:23
bgstack15Also, will my lack of thorough programming understanding be a hindrance to my goal of packaging up current lightdm with the two patched files we want?19:24
LeePenLooking at those commits, we will need something like the d/control changes in f57ed15.19:25
LeePenBut even they are out of date.19:25
LeePenSo you could just branch from debian/1.26.0-7.19:26
LeePenThe branch should be suites/unstable19:26
LeePenWe only need a PAM config change, so I think you will be fine.19:27
bgstack15The release notes shared during the Meet ( show pam, and lightdm.conf workarounds19:29
bgstack15Would you like me to only patch the pam config change?19:29
LeePenYes, but they are either/or.19:29
bgstack15OK, I didn't read the Debian bug reports, so I didn't realize they were connected.19:30
LeePenI suggest branch from debian/1.26.0-7. Get your build environment working so you can build that version with gbp and pbuilder and then we can work on the changes.19:31
LeePenI am afk now.19:31

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