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rrqmorning all. overslept the meeting. I'm sure it was fun.01:21
golinuxAbout as much as the dentist01:23
bpmedley <-- Beowulf Beta2 ISOs available here.  Many thanks to rrq for all the work they've done.10:12
JorilVery nice!10:13
golinuxWell done, bpmedley.10:13
gnu_srsLeePen: build005 upgraded to Beowulf :D10:53
LeePengnu_srs: Thanks11:01
fsmithrednetinstall without network works on beta2!11:44
fsmithredwhat determines whether /etc/network/interfaces gets an entry for eth0 or not?11:45
fsmithredI see it in some installs but not others11:45
fsmithredok, now I can't edit /etc/apt/sources.list to use a repository. No nano, no vi.12:14
onefangUse the magic.  B-)12:15
onefangOr sed?12:15
fsmithredI'll try sed12:15
onefangapt install magic12:16
rrqhmm there's a nano inthe initrd12:16
onefangI already had magic installed.  lol12:16
onefangVLSI layout tool12:17
rrqthe (pre) installer gains an interfaces file when the network is set up12:18
fsmithrednetwork commands are not installed, either: ip, ifconfig dhclient12:21
rrqyes it basically only includes debootstrap's "minbase" with its depends and recommends12:21
fsmithredstandard system utils was checked12:22
rrqyes, so they would have been installed from the network12:22
rrqmaybe the notion that it offers "minbase" is insufficient ?12:27
fsmithrednetbase and net-tools missing in minbase12:39
fsmithredrsyslog is missing12:39
fsmithredI made a list of these a few days ago12:39
fsmithrediproute2, iptables, ifupdown12:40
rrqso you think the netinstall needs to have more than "minbase"? maybe even standard (i.e. all require + all important)?12:53
fsmithredonly if people are going to use it for offline install12:59
fsmithredI'm trying a wireless netinstall now, and the installer isn't showing me the wireless interface.13:00
fsmithredlspci sees it, iwlwifi is loaded13:00
rrqfsmithred: re wirless is very odd. can you capture dmesg and syslog?14:04
fsmithredyeah, I'll do it again. take just a few minutes.14:05
rrqhmm where's the "check-missing-firmware" output in syslog?14:33
rrqor maybe I misunderstood? perhaps you are talking about the boot after installation?14:34
fsmithredno, that was installer syslog14:42
rrqhmm and that was at the interface selection dialogue?14:49
rrq.. or wherever following the keyboard choice dialog14:54
fsmithredyeah, after interface detection15:00
fsmithredI think I halted the automatic connection, because it only saw eth0 and cable was not plugged in15:00
rrqbut at that point it should have gone through the check-missing-firmware "steps"15:01
fsmithredhow did the firmware get loaded?15:02
fsmithredand what was trying to load it at the end when it says it failed to load?15:03
rrqapparently it (iwlwifi) hasn't been loaded; syslog says it tries and fails15:03
fsmithredlsmod says it's loaded15:03
fsmithredunloading and reloading didn't help15:03
rrqbut it doesn't do that "check-missing-firmware" (which sets up the CD for firmware download)15:04
rrqthe adapter is there but its firware isn't loaded15:04
rrqsyslog should say "check-missing-firmware" some 15 times ...15:05
fsmithredrunning check-missing-firmware manually did nothing that I could see15:06
fsmithredwell, it clears the screen and returns the prompt15:07
rrqcan you try again using expert mode and jump directly to "detect and mount cd-rom" and "load installer..." then grep for firmware in syslog15:09
rrqok; I think the "syslog" you gave before was somthing else15:14
rrqnext option is 'detect network hardware' .. would need syslog after that15:15
fsmithredthe whole thing?15:16
fsmithredor just the 'firmware' lines?15:17
fsmithredsyslog ^^^15:17
rrq"Missing modules 'eth1394 (FireWire ethernet)" .. is that for the wifi? .. at 13:12:47 it should have loaded the firmware15:32
fsmithredno, it has separate firewire15:33
rrqI found a log line saying "Intel(R) Wireless WiFi driver for Linux" but nothing else about wifi (?)15:35
rrqthe hw switch is on of course15:36
fsmithrednot sure15:37
fsmithrednormally it works if I run wicd15:37
rrqhw-detect.hotplug only finds the two interfaces lo and eth015:39
rrqhmm the initrd doesn't have rfkill15:43
fsmithredI flipped the switch on the side of the laptop and ran detect network hardware again. no change. also, not sure what that switch is.15:43
rrqdo you have a bootable installlation on in? then maybe share a boot syslog?15:46
fsmithredyeah, it boots from hard drive15:46
fsmithredbtw, the switch turns the bluetooth light on and off15:47
fsmithredwifi light is off15:47
fsmithredwill reboot now15:47
rrqletting gate here som my misleepings inrescses15:50
fsmithredmy syslog is not rotating. It goes back to september.15:51
rrqclip from last "kernel: [    0.000000] Linux version"15:52
fsmithredoh, right ok15:52
masonfsmithred: Is ed(1) in the minimal install? It might be less paiful than sed.17:11
fsmithredI don't know17:11
fsmithrednp, I know how to use sed17:12
masonTrivia: before sed(1) grew its -i option, I used to do in-place edits with ed(1) and here-docs.17:12
fsmithredand I don't plan to be doing it a lot17:12

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