libera/#devuan-dev/ Sunday, 2020-04-12

LeePenfsmithred: Hi. Any ideas about but #422? OP now says it is devuan-live specific.18:59
fsmithredno, I never tried to start libreoffice19:01
fsmithredwill try now19:01
fsmithredLeePen, libreoffice starts fine in the system I installed from the desktop-live iso. It fails when I start it in a live session.19:14
fsmithredadding --norestore didn't help19:14
fsmithredand there is no ~/.config/libreoffice when I start19:14
LeePenCan you work out why? What is different on the live session?19:16
fsmithredI'm trying a reinstall of libreoffice in the live session19:18
fsmithredI have no ideas why it fails19:18
fsmithredbut I did notice something odd - which reinstalling, the desktop background flashed to grey and back to cinnabar a few times.19:19
fsmithredreinstall did not help; purging apparmor did not help19:21
LeePenLooks as if the OP is right that it is devuan-live specific.19:22
LeePenCan you debug it if I reassign?19:22
fsmithredI don't know what to do with it.19:35
fsmithredI tried strace, but I don't see anything obvious (and I don't really know what I'm reading)19:36
fsmithredIt did report that some files could not be found. One of them was apt-file find /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/tls/x86_64/x86_64/
fsmithrednot a typo - x86_64 is in the path twice19:39
LeePenHmmm. OK. I will have a search tomorrow.19:40
fsmithredFWIW, libreoffice gets installed the same way in the live as it does in a regular install - comes in with task-*-desktop19:44
fsmithred(or task-desktop, not sure which)19:44
LeePenIt sounds as if something is missing in the live session.19:52
LeePenI have never booted it. Presumably /dev/shm and other tmpfs are mounted?19:53
fsmithredyes to the mounts20:07
fsmithredupgrading to 6.4 from beowulf-backports doesn't help20:08
fsmithredI'll install again. The VM I already have has been messed with - added packages and bpo kernel20:08
fsmithredlibreoffice starts ok in the default live install.20:30
LeePenlive session?20:34
fsmithredboot live iso in qemu20:35
LeePenWhat do we need to ask the OP to find what he has changed?20:35
fsmithreddid he install the system?20:36
fsmithredhe's running live off a usb stick20:36
fsmithredoh! I have a workaround20:36
fsmithredset up persistence and reinstall libreoffice20:37
fsmithredbut that's a wild guess20:37
fsmithredgonna try something else20:37
LeePenafk for food.20:39

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