libera/#devuan-dev/ Saturday, 2020-04-04

LeePenThanks to mason and fsmithred for working this out.11:32
LeePenSo, do we need net-tools to have Priority: important rather than optional (as Debian has via an override)?11:33
fsmithredyes, keep it Important. People get upset if things like ifconfig are missing.12:27
rrqis that the only package suffering such improvement?12:53
LeePenI haven't come across another yet.12:54
Unit193LeePen: Curious, were you going to push eudev to Debian too?12:58
LeePenUnit193: I wasn't but I think gnu_srs was working on it.13:02
rrqre net-tools: I agree with fsmithred, which also by my reading is correct be Debian's own  "definition" (
rrqof course on my have different views on what an "experienced Unix person" might say13:06
rrqon my = one might13:06
fsmithredone of my favorite quotes is from that page:  If the expectation is that an experienced Unix person who found it missing would say “What on earth is going on, where is foo?”,13:07
fsmithred(for those who say that this is linux, not unix.)13:08
onefangFoo is out at the bar. drinking.13:09
LeePenI think Debian is deprecating net-tools/ifconfig and wants folk to use ip from iproute2.13:12
rrq.. as well as netstat I suppose13:12
LeePenYup, suppose so.13:15
rrqthe question is then about the effort of maintaining this devuanization, which on the surface is not systemd related.13:16
fsmithredyeah, I know about iproute2. And the bars are all closed, but restaurants here can include beer and wine in takeout orders.13:16
fsmithredsame version in ceres and beowulf (2018)13:18
fsmithredoh, nm13:18
fsmithrednot fully awake yet13:18
fsmithredanyone know if it all still works in ceres?13:18
rrqseems like at 26 Jan 2018 the source got improved towards providing help info on stdout rather than stderr in some cases13:24
rrqfrom that, arp on beowulf has the interesting feature that "arp -h" gives most help info to stdout (not all), whereas "arp -\?" offers it all on stderr13:25
rrqjust a curiosity for the grand kids :)13:26
masonI like the notion of providing it on stdout rather than stderr. Yeah, it's not "main run" output, but it's intended to be for humans, meaning it ought to be possible to pipe it to a pager or redirect it to a file without shell jujitsu.18:45
Human_G33khello i dont know if exist for now but i guess have a "lib" for test init system can be cool ? something like that ?20:53

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