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LeePenDoes anybody know why we have net-tools forked?18:25
LeePenI can't see any substantive differences from Debian's version.18:26
fsmithredis the priority different?18:41
LeePenThere was a mention of that in the changelog, but no actual d/control change.18:42
LeePenPriority: important in both.18:44
LeePenI don't think we need  a fork of this as it stands.18:44
LeePenLess work! \o/18:45
fsmithredyou compared the sources?18:46
fsmithredaptitude says it's optional in buster, important in beowulf18:48
LeePen says 'Priority: important'18:50
fsmithredyou're looking at ascii/stretch18:51
LeePenI don't know where aptitude gets that from.18:51
LeePenstretch and buster are the  same version.18:51
fsmithredI'm seeing 2016 on stretch version and 2018 in buster version18:52
LeePenfsmithred: Sorry, yes. 1.60+git20180626.aebd88e-1 is buster onwards.19:52
LeePenBut I still see Priority important.19:54
fsmithredaptitude show <package=version> is what I'm looking at20:01
LeePenThat gives me Priority: important.20:05
fsmithredyeah, that one is ours20:06
fsmithredaptitude show net-tools=1.60+git20180626.aebd88e-120:07
fsmithredPriority: optional20:07
fsmithredaptitude show net-tools=1.60+git20161116.90da8a0-1   (stretch)20:07
fsmithredPriority: optional20:08
LeePenStrange because
LeePenhas Priority: important.20:09
LeePenHave you got some local apt config?20:09
fsmithrednorecommends and pinning of ceres, buster, sid...20:10
fsmithredapt-cache show gives me the same20:11
LeePenHmmm. I don't understand this. If you download the debian deb from, it is also Priority: important.20:12
LeePenI wonder if it is the pinning of buster that changes the priority?20:14
fsmithredI'll tell you in a few seconds20:15
fsmithredpriority of 10 set on ceres still shows important20:18
fsmithredpriority of 500 on sid still shows optional20:18
LeePenOK. Thanks.20:19
LeePenGoing to go and have some food and then think about this some more.20:19
LeePenI still see no important differences in the control files.20:20
LeePenHave a look at this diff:
LeePenThere is the odd-looking commit
LeePenWhich I don't understand as it is only a changelog with no d/control changes.20:27
masonI wonder if it'd be worth thinking about organizing like CentOS a bit...20:50
fsmithredseems like apt priority is not the same thing as package priority20:50
bgstack15the urgency of Debian packages is relative to whether or not they're installed in the base install from a generic iso.20:51
masonCentOS core repositories are all based on straight Red Hat, and then they have Extras that can be enabled to include CentOS-only stuff.20:52
masonI could see having stuff we want but don't want to be on the hook for being in some sort of devuan-extras repo.20:53
masonMinor changes to packages could live there without the full support burden.20:53
fsmithredbgstack15, do you know what conditions would make the priority in the control file not match the priority that aptitude reports?20:54
bgstack15aptitude priority is for the sysadmin, so he can set certain repos as higher priority20:56
bgstack15you can use it to pin packages20:56
fsmithredok, it's set in the metadata for the archive20:56
bgstack15so dpkg priority is for the distro20:56
bgstack15apt priority is for the user20:56
fsmithredI'm talking about the package priority that 'aptitude show' reports20:56
fsmithredword, not a number20:56
bgstack15yeah, that 'Priority' is coming from the d/ch20:57
bgstack15or is it d/control20:57
bgstack15that's not the apt repo priority, say, from apt-cache policy20:58
fsmithredit's in control20:58
fsmithrednet-tools' control file says Important in both the devuan and debian versions20:58
fsmithredbut aptitude and apt-cache show the debian version as Optional20:59
fsmithredand it no longer gets installed by default in debian (because it's optional)20:59
bgstack15ah, the name of this field in d/ch is Urgency.
fsmithredurgency is set to medium in both changelogs21:01
bgstack15I deal with apt repos a lot, and most of the time I have to run apt-get update every other minute.21:01
fsmithredthat's a busy repo21:01
bgstack15yeah i'm always tinkering and building new releases of my own stuff or adding pre-canned stuff in dpkgs21:02
bgstack15mirroring external repos for myself, etc.21:02
fsmithredthe only differences between the source packages are the control file Maintainer and Vcs fields, and a changelog entry that says he changed the priority to important21:04
fsmithredRebuilding to reset priority to important21:04
fsmithredso I'm guessing it gets stored in the repo somewhere21:05
bgstack15so I'm in Devuan Ceres, and my apt-cache show net-tools=1.60+git20180626.aebd88e-1+devuan1 shows Priority:important21:06
bgstack15same for the 1.60+git20161116.90da8a0-1+devuan1 version21:07
masonfsmithred: Packages.gz at a guess21:07
masonfsmithred: That has to be updated manually - what's in the package itself isn't used.21:07
masonfsmithred: apt-ftparchive packages . > Packages21:08
LeePendak creates Packages in devuan/ which is merged with debian/ by amprolla.21:11
fsmithredgood call, mason. The debian Packages.gz shows it as optional21:12
fsmithredthe devuan file shows it as important21:13
LeePenSo debian must have a dak override in place.21:39
LeePenWonder what amprolla does in this case?21:39
EvilhamIIRC amprolla doesn't touch importance for packages21:54
Evilhamwhen was the importance changed?21:55
Evilhamif it was during this week, then probably amprolla hasn't run a full merge yet21:55
Evilhamand it'd happen automagically on Sunday21:55
fsmithredMarch 201822:02
fsmithredkatolaz built it just to change the priority22:02
* golinux sends Evilham a big hug22:14

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